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mental health blog sex with emilyMental health has become quite the buzzword in recent years. Its importance to every aspect of our lives is something that can’t be overstated. 

It’s how we act, how we feel, how we talk, how we think. When you’re not in the best place, it has a major way of wreaking havoc on your life. 

But the good news is, there are a lot of ways to help bolster our mental health! The first step is talking about it. Check out this mix of our favorite mental health-focused blogs and podcasts.  



When it comes to mental health one of the most commonly faced plights is anxiety. For many of us, it unfortunately tends to strike at its worst within the bedroom. But luckily there are ways to help ease the struggle – starting with cannabis. Exploring why sexual anxiety is so common in the first place, as well as the science behind its effectiveness, our blog Sexual Anxiety? Try Cannabis is a one-stop resource for how the ancient plant can likely help quell your worries.



Another key piece to the mental health puzzle is figuring out what’s potentially fueling any negative feelings you might have. One of the top culprits is…relationship insecurities. But for as hard as they tend to strike, there is a lot that can be done to help alleviate them, as covered in the blog Healing Relationship Insecurities. This is a must-read if you’re looking to better themselves as a partner and kick these insecurities to the curb. It breaks down some of the most common examples along with where they tend to stem from.



We tend to hear a lot about “self-care” these days. But for as silly as it may sometimes sound, it’s actually super important in regard to mental health. Although, before one can make the most of a self-care routine, first must come self-love, which we explain in the blog Self-Love As Self-Care. From ways to kickstart your own nourishing practices to tips on how to prioritize the time for it in general, this piece details the essential ins and outs for setting yourself on a path to better mental well-being. 




Arguably one of the trickiest things about self-care is finding the time to do it. The fact is that sometimes we simply have to put ourselves first for the benefit of everyone around us. As explained in the podcast episode Relationship Repair & Self-Care, Emily points out that in order to be the best version of ourselves, we sometimes have to disconnect and do a little something for ourselves. Whether it’s working out, meditating, masturbating or sex in general, healthy self-care habits are some of the biggest contributors to positive mental health. Of course, the struggle to develop said habits is one that’s very real, so Emily also shares her top tips for how to strike a better balance and actually accomplish your self-care goals. 



Now, there’s no discussion about mental health without addressing one of the other biggest elephants in the room: depression. But contrary to what you might think, all forms of it don’t always look exactly the same. In the episode Express to Decompress With Dr. Margaret Rutherford, Emily is joined by the clinical psychologist herself to discuss her new book Perfectly Hidden Depression. Dissecting the idea of “perfection” as well as how people (your loved ones included) can manage to hide their depression in plain sight, the duo drives home the point of how essential it is to do your emotional work – instead of letting those negative hang-ups define your life. 



Returning to the topic of performance anxiety, another potentially effective solution is CBD. Despite swarms of shops popping up in towns across the country, many people are left wondering what it is in the first place – much less what it can do for their sex life. So in the episode More Sex, Less Anxiety Emily has arrived to help answer all of these questions and more. Breaking down the mystery formerly known as CBD, she and her team explain all the effects this non-euphoric cannabis ingredient can have on the body, along with their first-hand experiences of using CBD brands like Foria during sex. From being more relaxed and open to pleasure, to heightened sensations and feelings of closeness with a partner, needless to say the pleasure perks of CBD are well worth exploring.



With so many things that can influence our mental health, it’s important to be aware of what habits you adopt over time. Even though certain tendencies may not feel like such a big deal in the moment, it’s amazing the ripple effect certain actions can produce over time. 

In the end when we’re talking about the crossroads of one’s emotional, psychological and social well-beings, it’s no wonder why poor mental health can have such an impact on our life – as well as the lives of loved ones around us. So when looking to improve your own mental state of affairs, just know the first (and often hardest) step is acknowledgement, followed by a series of baby steps that inch toward a more positive goal. 

As you can imagine, improved mental health isn’t something that’s typically done overnight; however, making a point to be open, honest and dedicated to prioritizing your own is what’ll make the biggest difference in the long run.



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