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unconventional couples blog sex with emilyLove comes in many ways, shapes, and forms. In traditional terms, a “couple” usually means a relationship between two people of the opposite sex. But we have a come a long way from that limitation. Gender norms have changed, and new and different lifestyles have become more popular and accepted in the mainstream.

To celebrate National Couples Day, and Alternative August, let’s break down the different types of alternative coupling/relationship styles. 

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Alternative relationships are more popular than ever so today I’m talking to Miley Manliguis from #OPEN, a new dating app that’s designed for modern relationships – essentially, anything other than monogamy. Maile shares the intimate details about opening up her relationship with her husband after they had a child. She talks about juggling parenting and dating, her boundaries with her husband and how giving birth empowered her to embrace her sexuality more than she ever had. Maile’s an amazing woman. You’re going to love her perspective. 
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threesomes blog sex with emily

Photo by Dainis Graveris on SexualAlpha

Threesomes: everyone’s talking about them, it’s “the cool thing to do,” but how many are actually partaking?

Some jump in deep, and many seem to be open to the idea, only to become hesitant when it comes to stripping down.

It’s that inner battle of being open to a three-way, the itch to try it out, topped with the fear of possible negative repercussions.


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meals blog sex with emilyExcept for the small percentage of people who do not take utter joy in eating, the key to most of our hearts is through the good ole’ stomach! I’m talking food, food, food! If you think about it, the majority of dates center around meals, whether it’s a dinner, a lunch, or even a quick snack perhaps. And, if the date is going well, there could possibly be the option for dessert—to go, of course.  Continue Reading

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