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In this podcast, I take a walk down memory lane with three incredible colleagues and co-hosts, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Anderson and Menace. We cover 15 years of sex questions and advice. We also talk about how screen time gets in the way of relationships and Menace opens up about overcoming his shyness and building his confidence. 
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Ooooooh, Baddies! Sorry guys, not talking about the pop culture urban dictionary definition of baddie. No, my focus is on the google definition of the word: villain.  

Why are we attracted to the perennial “bad boy” or “bad girl” or “non-gender conforming individual?” People that just aren’t good for us?

It’s a universal theme that transcends across cultures, ages and time.


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Processed with VSCO with f3 presetIn 2012, I got one of the more surprising calls I’ve received in a career full of surprises: could I come on Loveline as a weekly guest co-host?

I was, honestly, thoroughly intimidated; since the moment I launched Sex with Emily in 2005, Loveline had been a touchstone. Rarely a day passed that someone didn’t say, “Oh, so is your show like Loveline?”

In my time on the show, I’ve learned not only about a phone sex operator and avid semen collector who received weekly “gifts” from her clients, but also that Drew Pinsky and Mike Catherwood are even more inspiring than Loveline die-hards know. Continue Reading

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