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IMG_7279Is your fear of rejection holding you back from fully embracing the dating scene?

In this show, Emily teaches you how to handle rejection and how to bounce back an even better person because of it. From missed online connections to shocking breakups to disappearing daters, Emily and Menace share tips to help you move forward from minor setbacks, toward better dating opportunities.

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Questions I answer on this podcast: Are you bicurious? Should you give up your marriage because you aren’t having sex? What happens when his baby mama catches you having sex with with him in his trailer? How do you date if you have social anxiety? Should you tell women they are beautiful when you first meet them? Why do some people seek relationships with people who are unobtainable? Continue Reading


Become charming and confident, even if you have no idea what to say and have no confidence whatsoever. Jordan Harbinger is a lifestyle coach. He teaches men The Art of Charm (no natural charm required). He starts by identifying any situational confidence a man may or may not have. If a man is extremely confident in his work as a doctor, Jordan shows him how to channel that confidence into talking to women. Talking about your favorite band and alcoholic beverage of choice will become as easy as talking about scalpels and stethoscopes. Continue Reading

how to have threesomesIn honor of Emily’s many threesome proposals by a bevy of men on Miss Advised, she’s giving you advice on how to have threesomes. Emily discusses threesome rules and how to make everyone feel included in the group. Limit the liquid courage and make sure your partner feels special.
Emily and her cohost Menace also discuss how most men don’t understand social cues can still function in a dating world. It’s important to remember that if you get rejected you probably won’t die or become homeless. Continue Reading

Emily knows that men fake orgasms too but proclaims they aren’t as good at it as women. Emily talks about how to have more confidence and the stuff you should never say on a first date. Also, why they didn’t call you back– unless they have amnesia, it’s usually not because they lost your number.

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