Delivery for a Cause

c644149a90241396e9dee8545b774851To all you city dwellers; late night delivery service isn’t just about pizza or your favorite dish from the Chinese restaurant down the street. For those in a time crunch, condoms are now the new delivery commodity. Founder Talia Frenkel started the 1 hour condom delivery company L. or L. Condoms in her efforts to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and research. In the last decade many surveys taken by high school students in the U.S. have shown a ten percent drop in the number of students who use condoms. We often brush off the consequences of unprotected sex until it is far from too late. Talia’s passion for promoting protected sex stemmed from her career. As a well known photojournalist, she travelled the world and began to form a very strong attachment to those affected by this abundant epidemic. She had a front row seat to photographing tsunamis, earthquakes, many natural disasters, poverty stricken towns, and a plethora of sick individuals. Capturing a multitude of photos and freezing moments in time of those suffering from this disease, Talia invented a way for anyone to able to practice safe sex. Promoting the idea that “…safe sex is our human right.”

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Video Podcast – Better Sex Education

What do you wish you’d learned in Sex Ed? Emily teamed up with  The Sinclair Institute® to rewrite the sextbooks, and today she’s announcing the winners of her contest and reading the best listener-submitted suggestions and stories. Her work may be needed now more than ever, as reports show that American teen guys aren’t reciprocating in oral sex enough, and Wyoming of all places is labeled the national epicenter of sex toy usage.

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What do you wish they taught you in Sex Education?

Sinclair Institute Gift Basket

I asked everyone I know, and don’t know for that matter, to tell me what they wish they had learned in Sex Ed. Instead of describing  sex as a lethal baby-making activity, many agree that Sed Ed should’ve said something about the possibility for pleasure. Instead of presenting abstinence as the only option for teens, perhaps Sex Education should promote sex positivity, consent, and masturbation.  I guess that’s just a little too progressive for High School education. If we the people did Sex Education, here’s what we’d teach:

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SWE – Sex Ed with Emily

Emily and her mother are spending the weekend together at a spa in Sonoma. Emily dedicated her book, Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight to her mother and Menace isn’t sure what to make of it.


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