Sex Fantasies Turned Sex Realities

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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: communication is a lubrication. But today I’ve got the receipts: previous callers who took my communication advice called back, to give us a status report!

On today’s best of show, I’m letting you listen in on my callers’ sex lives after they took the brave but vulnerable step of talking to their partners. We’ve got a longtime married couple, with a husband who wants more kink in bed; a success story of treating vaginal pain; a newlywed who brought BACK the spark with his man after incorporating role play, and a mom who never had any sex guidance growing up…and is now doing things radically different with her teen daughter. All of them are living proof that better sex starts with communication, so listen now, get inspired, and let their sex-cess motivate you to have a sex talk of your own.

Show Notes: