Best of: Big Mouths and Better Sex (Talks) w/ Gil Ozeri

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If you are someone who had substandard sex ed as a young person (all of us?), you are going to love this throwback episode with Gil Ozeri, comedian, actor, and writer for the very popular show “Big Mouth”. Growing up with adults who avoided the sex talk like the plague, Gil discusses the shame that can result…shame a lot of us still carry. That’s why “Big Mouth” (now in Season 5 on Netflix) takes the awkward experience of adolescence, demystifies it, and helps all of us get the answers we wish we’d gotten back then — while being super funny. If you’ve got a young person in your life, this episode is a must-listen. 

Gil and I take a dive into our own hormonal teen years, how to make sex ed more relatable, and tips for post-baby sex…because why not? I also take your questions: how to give a better blowjob, how to make FaceTime sex hot, and how to get your sexual connection back after the spark has died.

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