Communication is Lubrication: Scripts For Your Sex Life

Hustler_OutingOn today’s show, Emily demonstrates her top mantra: communication is lubrication. Emily compiled a list of the most popular questions she gets asked from listeners and teaches communication skills those sticky situations. If communication is a tough subject for you, don’t worry, she give you a script for that.

Subjects include: How do I talk about anal sex?, How do I talk about erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation?”Emily shares the most effective ways to ask for more oral sex and encourages women to be open (and honest) about their orgasms.

So, what do you do if your partner doesn’t want to go down on you? How do you ask a new partner about STIs? And, of course, how do you stay out of the dreaded “friend zone?” Emily explains why you need to approach these touchy situations and how to do it right.


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Sexy Hanukkah Tips

Menorahs are Sexy

I was going to write a blog on “Hannukah Sex Tips” but the Huffington Post pretty much beat me to it.  They called their story “The 8 Rules of Hannukah Sex.”   I changed it around with X-Rated suggestions:

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The San Francisco Social Benefits Larkin Street Youth

Founder Anderson Pugash & Chair Kelly Landers (photo courtesy of Drew Altizer)

The San Francisco Social held this past Saturday gathered more than 500 young adults at the Fairmont Hotel to raise over $75,000 for Larkin Street Youth Services,  an organization helping San Francisco’s youth move beyond street life for over 28 years.  Saturday’s crowd was young, hip, tech-savvy, and passionate about giving.

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SWE- Scary in the Bedroom

Emily’s ready for the holiday…

In honor of  Halloween, Emily talks about scary bedroom encounters, from a one minute man to anal sex.  Also, what to do when your hook-up leaves underwear behind, sex with your ex, and avoiding STI’s during a threesome. 


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