5 Last-Minute, Ultra-Sexy Valentine’s Ideas

Couple sitting in the bath holding each other

So, let me get this straight: you forgot about Valentine’s Day? It slip your mind? The one day of the year solely devoted to sex and romance? I mean…really?

I’m just kidding: it happens to the best of us. Life is busy! Fortunately for you, we’ve all been there, with mere hours to spare before V-Day. That’s why it helps to have a backup plan, like this one. Here are 5 last-minute, ultra-sexy Valentine’s Day ideas that will knock their socks (and, possibly more) right off. 

1. Create An At-Home Spa

You know what says, “you’re so freaking sexy that I just can’t help but pamper you”? A fancy bubble bath, baby. 

Bust out the candles, wine, and rose petals, because this bathtub is about to get bougie. Try laying out a cozy robe and their favorite snacks. Queue up some vibey music to help them relax. Look at you, so thoughtful! 

Snag this idea for anyone who’d love a moment to themselves, allowing all the day’s tension to melt away…and be replaced, by sexual tension. 

2. Go On a Flirty Picnic

So the restaurant reservations are all booked. Not to worry! The great outdoors is a threshold away, and with the right prep, you can dazzle your partner with a whimsical picnic. 

Pack a decadent spread, some travel-ready flatware, and a Bluetooth speaker for tunes, then look up neighborhood parks or green spaces in your area. If you’re really feeling ambitious, you could even take them to your nearest national park, because you know what’s fun to do, surrounded by nature’s splendor? Make out. Hiking too. But really, make out.

3. Give Them an Erotic Massage

Now listen, massage is sensual by definition, but you know what’s hot? Hours-long erotic massage, by an attentive partner who knows how to touch you.

However, the trick to making massage An Experience (and not just a casual shoulder rub) is all about the prep:

  • Clean a room in your space, and trick out a stable surface with everything you’ll need: padding, a sheet, a place to rest their head. The bed works just fine.
  • Next, diffuse some essential oils, and turn on some relaxing music. 
  • Finally, select your tools: might I suggest a body-safe massage candle, to drip on their body?   

On that last point: this is an excellent V-Day experience for anyone who loves temperature play, or if you’d like to open the door to a lil’ soft kink. Will this massage conclude with a happy ending? Sounds like a happy Valentine’s Day to me.

4. Book A Wine Class

Another DIY date night idea is to become instant wine connoisseurs. What if you whipped up their favorite meal, created a gorgeous, candle-lit dinner, and took a Masterclass on wine appreciation?

Another hot tip here: because everyone thinks RESTAURANT for Valentine’s Day, wine bars are actually surprisingly easy to visit, on this most romantic of holidays. So if you’re itching to go out on a date, but face-palming yourself for not getting a dinner reservation, try your local winery. You might be pleasantly surprised, especially since many offer flights and food. 

5. Play “Never Have I Ever” (In Bed)

You didn’t think you’d read an article about Valentine’s Day without hearing about specific sex stuff, did you? Well, the moment has arrived: let the sex games begin!

But to make this sex intentional – nay, playful – introduce some sexy, game-ified parameters, like Never Have I Ever, erotic edition. My Yes / No / Maybe List is an excellent companion for this, as is a specific toy…perhaps one you’ve never tried before, like a couple’s vibrator. Imagine the look on their face when you’re in bed together, they feel something under the pillow, and see a wrapped gift waiting for them. “Happy Valentine’s!” you declare, while they unwrap their gift, Dame Eva for example, that vulva-owners can tuck into their labia for hands-free vibes during partnered sex. Whoa – are you a great Valentine’s Day companion or the greatest Valentine’s Day companion? 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you don’t have to panic. Try some of these last-minute date ideas on for size, and see how sexy you can be in a snap.