5 Super Hot Lesbian Sex Positions

lesbian couple kissing in bed with arms around each other

If you and your partner both have vulvas, here’s some sexual inspo to put in your repertoire. And since you might already be familiar with some of these moves, I’m going to offer ideas for how to mix them up, and amplify your pleasure. 

The lovely aspect of vulva-on-vulva sex is: you know your way around! But I get it – sometimes it helps to have visuals to help with body positioning, reaching orgasm, and having a great time. With that, here are 5 ways to ensure a great time had by all.

1. Face Sitting

Illustration of face sitting sex position

Just a luxe way to receive oral sex. One of the things I love about face sitting (or “queening”) is that it leaves the hands free for breast/chest exploration, or to insert a finger.

Pro tip: Receiver, this position is less of a “sit” and more of a kneel. To avoid suffocating your giver, brace your hands on the wall or bed frame. This takes the pressure off your knees. (And, their face.)

2. 69

Yes, it’s a classic – but you can absolutely put your own spin on things. The obvious advantage of 69ing is that you’re giving each other oral simultaneously, but you don’t have to mirror each other’s moves. In fact, the top has leeway to get rather creative. 

Pro tip: If you’re on top, try teasing the labia and external clitoral nub with your tongue, to help engorge the area and make it sensitive to the touch. Next, reach for a toy that mimics oral sex with sonic vibrations. I love LELO’s SILA Cruise for this moment: it’s incredibly intuitive with a large “mouth” to fit over the clitoris, and has 8 settings for a slower, more gradual buildup to an explosive O.  

3. Doggy Style Oral

If you love a booty view, welcome to your new favorite oral. What I love about doggy style oral is that it allows for a different set of sensations on the genitals, where the vaginal opening itself gets more sensation. Receivers, if you feel like your clitoris is starting to numb out, turn to this one: it spreads the sensation more liberally than traditional oral.

Pro tip: Apply an arousal gel, like this one. It helps prompt orgasm (and makes orgasm your stronger), because it’s laced with CBD. As a bonus, it tastes lovely! 

4. CAT: Coital Alignment Technique 

Moving into the realm of strap-on sex, CAT (coital alignment technique) is a penetrative position that makes orgasm easier to come by. Why? As the giver, you’re moving up and down to stimulate your partner’s clitoris, rather than pumping in and out – which tends to miss the clitoral nub. 

To pull it off, line up the base of your pelvis with your partner’s clitoris, and rest your body weight on top of them. Find a rocking grind (some partners like to rock together here), knowing that the strap-on is hitting their G-spot, while your pelvic base rubs against their external clitoris.

Pro tip: The strap-on materials themselves can feel ouchy (both to the wearer and the receiver) if you’re rubbing a lot. If that’s the case, feel free to apply lube or to your pelvic bone in addition to the toy. 

5. Spooning

Speaking of strap-ons, spooning is lazy day sex at its finest. This is a fun one to incorporate nipple play too, since hands are free to roam.

Pro tip: Sex toys are evolving all the time, and I started carrying one in the store recently that does “surround sound” on the nipples. (Or, anywhere you apply it.) It’s Je Joue’s Vita, and it’s very fun to apply to your partner’s nipples or their clitoris during penetration. 

Besides these five classics, what are some of your favorite lesbian sex positions? Come find me on Instagram @sexwithemily, and let’s talk! 

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