6 Basic Sex Positions Done Right

four feet in bed sheets sex positions

While kink is great, there’s always a place for the tried-and-true type of sex. Sex positions that you know are going to work, or ones that are physically comfortable, are great to keep in your sexual repertoire. After all, once you’ve mastered the basics, you’re pretty prepared to try something a little more advanced.

If this sounds exciting to you, join us as we revisit these classic positions and finds new ways to add some spice. You might be inspired to add your own take to these basic sex positions. 


You probably know the missionary position from film and TV. It’s a go-to position for a reason: it’s accessible,  a great way to foster intimacy with kissing or moaning, and perfect for dirty talk. It’s fun, but it can also get a bit stale. 

Fortunately, there are some great ways to mix-up this classic sex position. Who says you have to be on the bed?  The spontaneity can be super sexy on the floor can be hot, and it’s a good way to give your bodies more leverage and friction. Regardless of the surface, have the partner on the bottom get creative with leg positions: lift and hold one or both knees in the air, so the person on top can get optimal depth. Throw those feet in the air or put a pillow under your bottom, creating a little extra thrusting space and an exciting angle.

Doggy Style

This position got its name from exactly where you’d imagine. Like animals in the wild, the set-up typically finds one partner on all fours while the other enters from behind. What it stereotypically lacks in intimacy, it makes up for that in allowing for maximum depth of penetration, either vaginally or anally (and a great view of that derriere).

One way to add some variety to this classic is to remember that the partner on the bottom doesn’t have to be on all-fours. Try moving to the edge of the bed, and putting one leg on the floor and the other on the mattress, altering the angle of entrance for added friction.

For some really hot visual stimulation, try this position in front of a mirror. Both partners get a porn-level eyeful of your bodies in motion. And don’t forget to reach around and pleasure the bottom partner’s nipples and genitals. If you’re on the receiving end of this position, it’s not too much to ask for a simultaneous hand job. Or, for the vulva-owners, take matters into your own hands by incorporating a finger vibe or a toy to massage the clitoris.   


In this classic, the two of you are either in a standing variation of the missionary position, or one of you is entering the other from behind, sometimes with one partner lifted, and their legs around the other’s waist.

This is another position that can benefit from some fancy footwork—one foot up on a bed or chair allows for a better entry, friction, and depth. If you and your partner have significant differences in your heights, this position can be a challenge, so find a comfortable position and point of entry can be tricky.

Using the wall, a table, or bar stool for leverage is a hot trick here; with your partner standing and facing you, lean back on the table or stool to find the perfect height where both your genitals are the same height. This way you can focus on your rhythm and dirty talk rather than doing any heavy lifting or balancing. If you’re on the shorter side and there isn’t a high enough surface to help out, maybe strap on some heels. You’ll feel sexy and the added inches will make you a perfect match.


Having sex while sitting down is a hot but underrated sex position.  There’s so much room for variety: facing each other while straddling; one person kneeling over the other; an intermingling of legs for the perfect scissor. You can also experiment with the actual surface, and try out a sofa, the edge of the bed, a chair, a swing, or even a countertop. 

There are also other ways to utilize chairs or sitting surfaces. You can get into some light bondage, cuffing or tying your partner to the legs, forcing them to watch you do a little striptease. Try backing up onto your partner, lap-dance style, giving them a hot view of your backside while you control the rhythm and depth of penetration, or face each other and enjoy the intimacy and the friction.


Vulva-owners, one of the best ways to ensure that you get the most out of intercourse is to take the top. Whether you and your partner are in bed or using a chair, choosing the position of power lets you control the depth of penetration, the rhythm, and the speed.

Typically, this position has your partner lying on their back, while you straddle them with your knees on either side of the hips. While this gives them a fantastic view of your hot bod, there are a couple more things you can do to enhance your sensation. Try squatting over your partner instead of kneeling. By placing your feet on either side of their hips, you open your hips even more, allowing your partner to go deeper. This also makes it easier for your partner or you to access your clitoris for additional stimulation.

While you’re in charge, why not sit and spin? From your forward-facing position, slowly turn your body, one limb at a time, so you’re facing backward (reverse cowgirl). You can lean forward with your hands between your partner’s legs and use your upper body strength to lift up and slide back down, giving both of you an incredible ride, and allowing you a better chance of hitting your g-spot.


Not just for cuddling, having sex while spooning is a favorite possibly because it requires the least amount of effort. Lying on your side, let your partner snuggle up behind you, their belly to your back. They can find their way inside you if you lift your leg a bit, bending your top knee, and roll forward. With your bodies touching head-to-toe, this position is both intimate and hot. Plus, the more you bend that back and push that tush into your partner, the deeper their thrusts can go.

One way to really elevate this spooning sex is to have the partner behind use their free hand to stimulate your nipples and clitoris (or penis). You can even incorporate a vibrator. to bring some extra stimulation to the exposed erogenous zones.

Of course, don’t feel limited by our instructions. The goal is for you to feel good, so let your body be your guide. Over time, and with practice, you’ll find the you’re not only mastering these classic sex positons, but also finding ways to make them entirely your own.