6 Ways to Use Cannabis for Sex: A Guide

CBD Oil Stock Photo. CBD oil, weed, cannabis leaf, and pre-rolled joints. A legal drug used to relax and relieve stress.

As different forms of cannabis become legalized, a lot of you have asked me how to use it for sexual connection and arousal. 

There’s some fascinating research coming out on cannabis, and how it can boost your sex life. One study in particular used Kaplan’s and Masters and Johnson’s sexual response cycle (desire, excitement, orgasm, plateau, resolution) to measure sexual pleasure and satisfaction*.

Here’s what they found: 

  • Over 70% of participants reported increased desire
  • Over 70% of participants reported increased orgasm intensity
  • 62.5% indicated that cannabis enhanced their pleasure while masturbating 
  • 72% stated that cannabis enhanced their sense of taste
  • 71% stated that cannabis enhanced their sense of touch

With these results in mind, here are my top six recs for cannabis, and exactly how to use them for your best sex. Use responsibly, and have fun with it lovers.

1. To feel sexy before you go out

High Love VIIA Hemp Gummies VIIA Hemp Co. High Love THC Libido Gummies on green bed background

Designed to be an actual aphrodisiac, these gummies* mix cannabis strains with research-backed, sex-supportive herbs like damiana and horny goat weed (yes that’s its real name). I recommend eating a gummy while you get ready: by the time you’re on your date, you’ll feel relaxed, happy and legit aroused. 

2. To have more intense orgasms

Morgasm Arousal Gel Morgasm CBD Arousal Lubricant on green bed background

As a topical infused with CBD*, this is a product that amplifies sensation and erection. That’s because CBD is a vasodilator, encouraging blood flow wherever you apply it. I even wrote an Ask Emily about it to a listener having trouble getting erect, which is one of the many reasons I love this product so much. It also increases arousal for those with a vulva, making genitals more sensitive to the touch…you’ll feel tingles when you put it on. Bonus: no matter your genitals, this product delivers a way more intense orgasm. 

3. To jumpstart arousal 

High Love VIIA Hemp Vape VIIA Hemp Co. High Love THC vape on green bed background

Whereas gummies have a gradual onset, vaping allows you to more instantly gauge your high. That’s why I’m such a fan of this particular vape, which promotes blood flow – the key to arousal! I like this one when you need a little “boost” to get you in the headspace for sex. If you’re someone who’s more sensitive to cannabis, this is a great option for you. You’ll be able to feel your mood change (in a great way) with each draw.

4. To flirt better on your date 

Cann Cann THC drinks on green bed background

Love a cocktail that’s alcohol-free, but still delivers a kicky buzz. Every Cann* flavor tastes yummy (which is saying something – not all cannabis cocktails do!), and of the products I’m recommending here, Cann delivers the most gentle high. It’s fairly fast-acting too, so about 20 minutes into sipping, you’ll start feeling less inhibited, more social and flirty. Perfect for hanging out with friends…and lovers.  

5. To intensify foreplay 

Wedding Cake VIIA Hemp Pre RollVIIA Hemp Co. Wedding Cake pre rolls on green bed background 

If you’re a cannabis regular, you’ve probably already heard of Wedding Cake. It’s a popular strain. Since it’s on the more on the relaxing side of cannabis highs, this pre-roll is absolutely lovely to share as you kick off sexy times. Instantly calming, I recommend this product to amplify your foreplay: it takes away all the jitters and helps you drop into a more sexual state of mind. 

6. To get out of your head and into your body  

Chill TONIC and The O.G. TONIC TONIC OG and Chill CBD drops on green bed background  

If you’re prone to anxiety and stress, you already know those things can tank your sex life. I call them Pleasure Thieves in Smart Sex, because that’s exactly what they are – it’s hard to relax and feel sexual if you’re keyed up on worry thoughts. These drops to the rescue! A few drops under the tongue of Chill TONIC* slow down your racing brain, while drops of O.G. TONIC balance your mood out. Less of a “high” and more of a relief aid, take these if you’re someone who wants to have sex, but needs help transitioning out of work mode / parenting mode / busy mode. 

There you have it: a cannabis guide to your best sex! Happy 4/20, today and every day. I’d love to hear from you and your experiences combining cannabis and pleasure. Come find me on Instagram @sexwithemily, and let’s talk.

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*The Journal of Cannabis Research Study

**Use code “EMILY420” for 40% off at VIIA Hemp Co. (excl. flower) + a free 2-gummy sample pack

***Use code “SEXWITHEMI20” for 20% off sitewide at Cann