8 Ways to Masturbate (Better) in the Shower

Intimate portrait of an unrecognizable woman masturbating inside the shower and touching the glass with one hand

Truth be told, the shower is a solo sex sanctuary. It’s private, it’s steamy, and there’s just enough noise interference from family or roommates. And how about that clean-up? Effortless. 

But maybe you’re not quite utilizing your shower (or bath) for the icon status it deserves. If not, allow me to unlock your new pleasure palace with eight inspiring ideas for you to try. Hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the knob, and let’s do this. 

 1. If you’ve got a vulva, and want to feel like someone’s going down on you…

Try the SONA 2 Travel by LELO. It uses sonic waves rather than traditional vibes, to simulate the feeling of oral sex…the best damn oral sex of your life, honestly. It’s waterproof (ding ding ding!) and petite, so throw it in your toiletries bag and use it in your hotel shower. The Sona 2 Travel is a mini version of the SONA 2 Cruise which makes it much easier to pack and carry around. Vacation solo sex just got a major upgrade. 

2. If you’ve got a penis, and want an easy but intense orgasm…

Get a waterproof, hands-free penis toy. You don’t even need to be erect to use this one, and just think: you can literally stand there and have an orgasm while you bathe. Toys like these do all the work, so if you love efficiency (and coming), it’s tops. 

3. If you wanna be safe (as we all should!) grab a no-slip bath mat

I recommend making your bathroom tidy and cute before sexy times, but above all else: make it safe. A lot can happen when you orgasm! So before you’re in the throes of pleasure, go ahead and put down some slip insurance. 

4. If you need lube (you will), reach for a silicone formula 

You know I love all the lubes, but silicone formulas are ideal for shower pleasure. They’re long-lasting, less messy in the shower than oil-based formulas, and won’t wash away as easily as a water-based lube. Just keep in mind that silicone lubes and silicone toys don’t mix, so if your toy has silicone, use a water-based one instead (and remember to reapply!). 

5. If you’ve got a vulva and love baths, try a direct stream

Maybe you’re more of a bath person, yes? I’m willing to bet you already know the glories of a detachable shower head. Just fill your bath to a comfortable level, but not so much that your genitals are underwater: you want them free and clear. Next, make sure your water temperature is lukewarm – you can always turn it back up, but vaginal tissue is extra sensitive – then lay back, and direct the stream on your clitoris, labia, and/or vaginal opening. This is the OG masturbation method for many vulva owners, and if you’ve never tried it before…you’ll quickly discover why it’s so wonderful. 

If you don’t have a detachable shower head, the bath faucet stream will work with the right body position. You can also find inexpensive faucet extenders on Amazon that let the water flow out further and more directly.

6. If you’ve got a penis and love baths, try a prostate massager 

So you’re in the bath, masturbating, but want to experience a prostate massage simultaneously? Try inserting a vibe-free prostate massager, which will reach your sensitive prostate gland, aka the “P-spot.” Similar to the G-spot for vulva owners, the prostate prompts deep, internal orgasms…think full-body pleasure. When combined with penis stimulation, it’s leading up to the holy grail of all orgasms (a blended orgasm). 

7. If you want to feel comfy as hell, get a bath pillow 

Bath lovers, let’s get you some head and neck support. This “spa headrest” fits neatly into your tub with suction cups, so you don’t have to tense your upper body (or worse: masturbate sitting straight up).  

8. If you need some erotic inspo, turn up the audio erotica

Sometimes all you need is a hot playlist, but IMO audio erotica is super sexy. If you’re someone who enjoys a little storytelling, and gets turned on by the sound of people having sex, there are a handful of quality apps out there. Some of them even feature direct-to-listener options, so that it sounds like you’re part of the sexy story! Now that’s main character energy. 

And there you have it: water-play fun for you to try right at home, or at your next travel destination. Have fun getting wet and wild, and oh yeah – clean.

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