Alternative Relationships w/ Nico Tortorella + Jason Ellis

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a sexually fluid relationship? As in, you and your partner discuss bisexuality openly…either yours, theirs, or both? What about having multiple partners? Or trying a threesome together? Are these possibilities you’d consider, or are you like: NO THANK U, NEXT!

Well on today’s best-of show, I’ve got two individuals who can tell you exactly what it’s like to be in a successful, alternative relationship. First you’ll hear from actor/model Nico Tortorella on navigating bisexuality, how sex changed once they got sober, and what it’s like for them to fall for someone outside of their primary partnership.

Next, you’ll hear from MMA fighter, fellow podcaster and Aussie fan fave Jason Ellis on how he and his fiance (now wife) conduct a radically open relationship, why he’s thrilled for another man to give her sexual pleasure, and his best recommendations for your first threesome. Come for the open minds, stay for the sex tips.

Show Notes: