Best Of: Ejaculation Etiquette

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Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailIn this throwback podcast, fresh from the Sex With Emily vault, we’re taking it back to the San Francisco days! Emily is joined by good old Menace to discuss some (not so) current events and share some science-proven secrets to hot sex. Together, they tackle some of your emails on sex, dating and ejaculation etiquette, and also break down some commonly held sex myths. Does size really matter? Is semen nutritious? Is it safe to get busy during that time of the month? Emily has the answers and more!

When it comes to the banter between Emily and Menace, it’s easy to see that nothing has changed. The two discuss and debate a variety of topics, from robot sex to awkward sex toys to the least embarrassing word for the female anatomy.

Then it’s on to email questions! At a listener’s request, Emily breaks down the many sexy erogenous zones that you should use to drive your woman wild and shares a gentleman’s guide to post-sex clean up. Also discussed: G-Shots, breast play, and what to do when your sex life is really just “ehh”.

Want to know why empathetic partners make the best lovers? Or if Menace’s sex myth knowledge is up to par? Get the answers you need and more in this 2011 Sex With Emily classic!

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