Best of: Make Your Vulva Sigh with Dolly Josette

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Dr. Emily always says there are so many different paths to pleasure. On this throwback podcast, she helps you map out those paths with sexological bodyworker Dolly Josette! Dolly teaches you how to be in your body and really reconnect to your pleasure and sexual energy.
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They discuss what the heck vulva-mapping is and how can it help you and your partner work together to have the most pleasurable experiences possible by eliminating disconnected sex. Don’t just get off just to get through it. Learn about the build-up, the teasing, and finding the sweet spot.

All this and more, including embodied masturbation, cupping the vulva, and being empowered in your body whether you have a vulva or a penis! Find out why Dr. Emily’s vulva sighs when Dolly walks into a room and maybe after listening, yours will too!

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