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Top 6 Sex Positions to Use With a Sex Toy

Let’s normalize using toys during sex.

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How to Heat Up Your Temperature Play

4 intro-level ways to bring temperature play into sex, whether you’re getting down with a partner, or your hot self. 

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How to Talk Like a Dom for Better Sex: 6 Essential Phrases

Essential phrases to talk like a dom in the bedroom, for better sex.

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How to Use a Vibe With a Partner

Sex toys are having a moment, so let’s double the fun.

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3 Sexual Stereotypes to Stop Believing About Penis Owners

I invited penis owners to weigh in on sexual stereotypes they want you to retire. Here are the top three…

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How to Have the Sexiest Spring Ever

There’s something in the air, and it’s not just allergens. Sexy spring has officially sprung. 

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Your 2023 Sex Goals (& the Toys to Get There)

As we wind down the year, what are your pleasure goals? Do you want to explore… Read more »

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Top 5 Sex Myths Debunked

A ton of the things we’ve heard about sex aren’t based on science, they’ve just been repeated a lot. So I’m debunking the top myths and giving you the facts.

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Your Top 5 Sex Questions, Answered

When it comes to your most pressing sex questions, have you ever wondered: “ugh, is it just me?” I promise: it’s not just you! I’m here to answer your top 5 questions.


Communication Is A Lubrication

The #1 obstacle standing between you and the sex of your dreams probably comes down to exactly one thing: communication. It’s not a cliche – it’s a skill.