Best Oral, Worst Anal With Alex Cooper

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Today I am joined by Alex Cooper from the Call Her Daddy podcast. Alex shares the details of her sexual journey from boring sex in high school to the evolved sex she’s having now. We explore what she’s learned from dating the wrong guys and compare notes about how hosting a podcast affects our lives. We also get into Alex’s masturbation routine, cheating, her disastrous first anal experience, and she gets specific on why her new partner is so good at giving oral.

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Show Notes:

1:40 – Introduction

6:10 – What it’s like to have sex when you host a sex podcast

9:10 – Emily’s dating journey
10:45 – Holding back intimacy in relationships
13:20 – Not looking for a husband in a marriage-centric culture

14:00 – Alex’s dating journey & how therapy has helped

16:30 – Alex’s current partner
17:10 – Alex’s move to LA
18:20 – Alex’s sexual journey and creating Call Her Daddy

25:20 – What makes for great sex?

29:00 – Did Alex try anal again?
29:50 – Alex’s first time trying anal
33:26 – Anal tips
34:40 – Does Alex masturbate?
39:40 – Alex’s partner is so good at giving oral

47:00 – Sexting & FaceTime Sex

47:00 – Turn-offs and turn-ons
49:00 – Tips for great FaceTime sex

51:30 – What is Alex looking for now?

55:50 – Alex answers the Quickie Questions