5 Couples Toys to Help Heat Up Date Night

two bodies on a bed

A common misconception is that sex toys are purely for solo play. And while it’s true that toys can amp up your masturbation game, there are a ton of sex toys for couples that can take partnered sex to the next level. 

Here’s why: Sex toys are all about expanding your sexual pleasure. Many clitoral toys can help externally stimulate the vulva, while a finger, penis, or dildo can provide internal stimulation. Butt plugs are another great choice, as the wearer can experience some fun sensations while still having other parts of their body teased and tantalized. 

Still not convinced? Guess we’ll have to let the toys do the talking. See below for some of our top sex toys for couples: 

Eva II from Dame 

This vibe is so cute that it’s hard to believe it packs such a pleasure punch. (But um, yeah, it does…) Designed by two women looking to create a compact vibe, this little beauty can even tuck comfortably under the labia majora to allow for hands-free clitoral stimulation. Think of all the other things you could with your hands with that level of freedom! 

Chorus by We-Vibe

This little, innovative vibe is literally designed for partner play, making it one of our top sex toys for couples. Designed with a body-hugging shape and adjustable design, this C-shaped vibrator simultaneously offers internal and external stimulation during penetrative sex. Got a vulva? Amazing. The angle of the internal stimulator comes more or less into direct contact with your “g-area” so that you can feel the vibration in all the right spots.

Be One Finger Vibrator

We believe that sex toys should be an extension of you, and the Be One vibe takes that literally. This discreet, wearable toy is designed to rest comfortably between your fingers and/or labia, making it to use during all types of sex. Choose from four speeds or a “randomized” setting to add the element of surprise. 

B-Vibe Anal Introduction Kit 

If you’re walking the line between intrigue and intimidation when it comes to butt play, then the B-Vibe Anal Introduction Kit is your new BFF. This anal trainer set comes with three unique plugs to help facilitate experimentation while keeping you feeling safe and comfortable. The kit also comes with an enema bulb to help prep the body for stimulation and a lube launcher to make sure everything slides in nice and easy. Butt stuff has never been easier. 

JeJoue Couples Kit 

What’s better than one sex toy? Yep, two sex toys. Inside this beautifully packaged couples kit from JeJoue, you’ll find a powerful G-Spot Bullet for clitoral stimulation and their world-famous Mio penis ring. Take date night from the mundane to the mind-blowing with hours of vibrational pleasure.

We give you kudos for leveling up your pleasure with a new toy. We get it—it’s not always easy to bring a sex toy into the bedroom! But once you try using sex toys for couples, you’ll find that it’s not only a great way to add variety, it also enhances intimacy. Get together and get your play on.

Amanda Kohr is the Content Coordinator at Sex With Emily. She also writes for VICE, Refinery29, Betches, and Hello Giggles. You can visit her via her website and Instagram.