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How Do I Buy My Boyfriend a Sex Toy?

Sex toys aren’t just for vulvas. Give the penis-owner in your life the gift of pleasure.

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The Sexiest Mother’s Day Gift Guide You’ll Ever Meet

Whether you’re shopping for a mom or you’re a mom shopping for herself (because you totally deserve that), these are our go-to gifts for Mother’s Day. 

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Is Cannabis a Good Fit for Your Sex Life? 

Can cannabis actually make your sex life better? Let’s discuss.

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What’s a Sex Swing (And How Do I Use One?)

You don’t need to be a porn star to try a sex swing.

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5 Couples Toys to Help Heat Up Date Night

Sex toys aren’t always a solo act—here are some options for bringing your partner in on the fun.


The Sex With Emily Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Discover the best Valentine’s Day gifts hand-picked by Emily. For the kinky couple or your best gal-pal, we have something for everyone.

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How to Use Lube to Have Better Sex

Lube isn’t just for dryness—it can actually increase sensation and make orgasms easier.

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Anal Play

How to Find the Best Lube for You

We’re breaking down the basics of lube so you know when to use what.

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Black-Manufactured Sex Products, Where Are You?

One of the best ways you can support Black sex toy manufacturers is with your dollar.