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When it comes to sex, do you have a growth mindset? Whether you’re a new parent and your sex drive has tanked, or you’re trying to break free from a mental pattern that’s blocking your pleasure, we all experience sexual roadblocks. Never fear: you can have a sex reset! On today’s Ask Emily show, I’m helping you ID the obstacles to your sexuality, from trauma, to a repressive upbringing, to a disconnect with your partner. And one by one, I help you figure out solutions that open the door to self-exploration.

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What do you do when you’re “spectator-ing” yourself during sex, and battling against mental chatter? Or you’ve got a religious past, that makes sex a bit triggering for you? In both cases, I provide mindfulness techniques that help you quiet the mind, and feel into your pleasure. What about when it’s a block with your partner, when you’re just not on the same page about your desires? I’ve got ideas to normalize sex talks, and help you communicate your needs. How about when you crave a certain type of power dynamic, but aren’t sure how to explore it? I give you ideas for approaching it safely and consensually, with a play partner. This episode is all about self-exploration, and helping you reclaim your full sex potential.

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