SWE – Double Whammy

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No one has faith in Emily’s camping skills. Do women prefer the beta male or the alpha male? Menace claims to be the perfect alpha/beta hybrid. (Of course he does).

Double the pleasure, double the fun. What is double penetration and how to do it. Emily also talks lesbian three-ways, strap-ons, and butt plugs. Emily has a butt plug waiting for Menace in the office. He declines.

If men are allowed to show their nipples why can’t women? Emily protested the ban on female nipple nudity by riding around her neighborhood topless when she was seven years old. While female nipples in public are few and far between, you run into penises wherever you go in San Francisco. Also, how to give your partner a nipplegasm, candy bras, piercings and nipple clamps.