SWE – Have Sex

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Emily is trying to bring back the Handjob and Menace is trying to bring back a taco. If Emily can get Taco Bell to bring back the Double Decker Taco from 1997 then Menace will give up his stance on the “The Great Handjob” debate. Menace believes a man can give himself a better HJ than a woman can ever give him. Emily disagrees.

Another woman attacks a cop with a sex toy. There’s a sex toy drive through now as well as a vibrator bike delivery system. Next, a helicopter service that airdrops your sex toys on your porch.

Why he or she isn’t sleeping with you and how to have sex more often, or at least once. If your partner does not want to have sex, you should genuinely ask them what’s wrong. Emily and Menace act out healthy communication as a pretend couple and end up breaking up. Oh well.