Flashback Friday: All of the Orgasms

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Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailHappy National Orgasm Day! In honor of the big “O,” today’s throwback podcast from 2012 is all about getting yourself past the pleasure point of no return, in more ways than one!

If you think there’s only one kind of orgasm, get ready to have your mind blown. Emily gently, but not too gently, guides you through the many types of orgasms a woman can experience and provides steps to help you achieve whatever O you’re aiming for.

Find out exactly what makes a multiple orgasm and learn how to turn them into a recurring star of your sex life! Emily also educates on how to locate your G-spot for optimal orgasms and reminds us why faking O’s is the ultimate no-no.

Emily also answers listener emails about navigating the sometimes rough seas of a friends with benefits relationship, deciding whether or not to sleep with your partner’s best friend, and, you guessed it, ORGASMS! What’s impeding your masturbation routine? How can you make self-love even better? Listen to find out!

If there’s one thing you do to celebrate National Orgasm Day (besides having a couple of them yourself), check out this classic podcast, straight from the Sex With Emily vault, and have yourself a THROWgasm.

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