Flashback Friday: Sex Klass With Pornstar Kayden Kross

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KaydenKrossHey remember that one time that Kayden Kross gave Emily an oral sex demonstration on her finger? Well, we sure do!

In this throwback podcast Emily is joined in the studio by the very sexy Kayden Kross, award-winning adult film star, writer, and best-selling Fleshlight model. Together they tackle the topics of masturbation, on-screen sex scenes and the hottest tips for going down, and even take some call-in questions.

Kayden tells the unique and heart-warming tale of her journey into porn star fame – Spoiler alert: It involves secret stripping and a douchebag pony! From her first orgasm to her favorite fairy tale princess, Kayden opens up about her sexual fantasies and early sexual experiences. She also shares the story of how she met (and re-met) her fiance on set, and explains how they handle jealousy while on the job. If they can do it, you can too!

Then it’s on to some mind-blowing oral sex tips! Kayden shares her best techniques for going down that will take both men and women over the edge. Plus, Emily breaks down all the things you might not know, but definitely should know, about vaginas!

This podcast has a little bit of everything: Romance, sex tips, stories from the porn set, and more! Don’t miss out on this oldie but goodie!

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