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10422421_10152493711522145_1913766761736284455_nIn this week’s podcast, Emily and Menace are back in action, ready to answer listener emails and talk sex, love and relationships. Emily had a rough morning and shares the gory details. Plus, we cover the recent  developments in Emily’s social life.  Menace announces his BIG Taco Bell news and he and Emily embrace their brother-sister relationship with a little sibling squabble, followed by a quick makeup.

Next Emily and Menace move on to some freakier subjects, including freaky sex ads on Craigslist and ‘freaky’ first time sex moves.

Emily explains why you should avoid getting too kinky the first time you sleep with someone  and shares her experience with some overzealous men.

Answering listener emails, Emily gives advice to a girl going off to college, looking to explore her “inner freak-” and shares her ideas for the dream sex toy starter kit.

Then Emily counsels a man who is frustrated with his married sex life and thinking of cheating.

This podcast addresses the hard-hitting questions: What’s Menace’s all time favorite taco? What’s the best music to listen to when you masturbate? What if Emily had an orgy and nobody came? Find out the answers and more in this week’s show!

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