How to Come On The Face

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Let’s discuss (and normalize) a sex skill many of you have asked me about: ejaculating on the face.

Whether it’s popularized by porn or it’s just something you’re curious about, I support you. For a lot of people, the idea of finishing on the face is hot because it feels like sexual liberation and total acceptance. Great sex makes you feel free, so I get why the act is appealing.

That said…there are protocols. It’s all fun and games until someone comes in an eyeball, so spread out a fluid proof throw and let’s do this the right way. 

Make Sure You’re Both Into It

No, you don’t need to have a 30-minute conversation about face ejaculation (“facials” if you will), but you should ensure it’s consensual. A good way to check starts with: “How would you feel if…?” 

There are some partners who receive this act enthusiastically. Perhaps because it’s: 

  • A form of humiliation kink. It could feel degrading, and they like feeling naughty. 
  • An act of intimacy. It could feel taboo, and they like sharing this moment with you.
  • A sign that sexual inhibitions have been released. It feels a little wild, and they like being so free with you. 

Then again, there are some partners who do not want this at all. Perhaps because: 

  • They’ve never experienced it before, and don’t feel comfortable with the idea yet.
  • They have a negative, past association with semen. 
  • They don’t like the way semen feels / smells / tastes. 

Speaking of taste, did you know there are supplements out there that improve semen taste? Popstar is a newer line that’s getting a lot of attention, for increasing sperm volume and enhancing taste. It’s made with bromelain (sourced from pineapple), zinc and l-arginine, and effects kick in after 2-3 weeks of use. Reviews are solid! Just know that if you try it, consistency is key. 

How to Ejaculate On The Face

Once you’ve checked to make sure your partner is enthusiastic, here’s how to finish on the face properly.

Tips for the giver:

Prepare. Don’t get into position mid-orgasm. Instead, adjust your body as you feel your orgasm coming on, and get into position before it happens.

Be above them. The easiest positions for face ejaculation are face-to-face, with the giver on top. You want gravity to help you out. Need inspo? I’ve got a full sex position guide right here.

Hold your shaft in your hand. This helps you aim, and direct ejaculate more precisely. We’re not going for Jackson Pollock out here. 

Lean forward + aim. Hold the head a few inches from their face, and choose where you want to go. Open facial planes like cheek and forehead work well. Avoid eyes and nose; semen in the eyes can sting, semen in the nose can feel uncomfortable. 

And a few tips for the receiver: 

Close your eyes. You’ll probably do it automatically. But this helps avoid a burning sensation. 

If giving oral, hold it against your cheek. If you don’t want to swallow, this is a nice alternative. As your partner is about to orgasm, turn your face and rest the penis alongside your cheek, so they are ejaculating across it. As long as the penis is in your hand, you control the direction. 

Enjoy the submissiveness of it all. If Dom/sub dynamics appeal to you, lean into that energy. Here are some tips on talking like a sub, if you want to heighten that vibe.

Where Else Can You Ejaculate? 

Maybe the idea of body ejaculation is appealing, just not face (a completely reasonable preference). If that’s the case, here are some alternatives to try. 

Neck. In addition to erotic visuals, the neck is a bonafide erogenous zone.

Breasts / Chest. Nipples are ultra-sensitive, so ejaculate here can feel rather lovely. 

Butt and back. If you’re having penetrative sex from behind, this is a broad area where you don’t have to worry about “aiming” as much – so you can wait as long as possible to pull out. 

Inner thighs. Simple and sexy.

Have you ever tried this sex act? How do you feel about it? I’d love to hear your experiences with it! Come find me on Instagram @sexwithemily and let’s talk.

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