How to Find the G-Spot

Detail of the hands of an unrecognizable woman wearing black underwear and laying in bed. The hands rest on her nude stomach.

It’s the key to squirting, internal orgasms, and so much sexual pleasure. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…the G-spot.

How do you find it? How do you stimulate it? How do you work with the G-spot to elicit the aforementioned orgasms and squirting? 

First, you have to know what it is. 

What is the G-spot exactly?

It’s part of the internal clitoral network. The visible portion of the clitoris is just a small piece of it. 

When most people refer to “the clitoris,” they mean the nub perched at the top of the inner labia, where the two lips meet. But the rest of this pleasure organ is tucked inside the body. The clitoris contains the G-spot, and the clitoris is much bigger than we’ve been led to believe

So in truth, the G-spot is more of a “G-area.” It’s a region on the internal clitoris, packed with nerve endings. 

Where is it located?

The central point of the G-area is located about 2 inches inside the vagina, on the front vaginal wall.

Although size and location may vary from vagina to vagina, you will be able to locate the “main point” of the G-spot by its ridged texture. When you/they become aroused, this lump of tissue swells and becomes more sensitive to the touch.

How do I find the G-spot?

The best way to locate the G-area is with your fingers.

  • Start with your palm facing up, then insert a finger. 
  • Once you’re up to about the second knuckle, curl your finger up in a “come here” motion. 
  • Feel for a slightly ridged area.
  • Gently stroke or press on this area (it should feel really good). 

Because the exact location is different for everyone, focus less on digging around for it, and more on the body’s response. 

Listen or feel for the telltale sounds of pleasure (heavy breathing, moaning) as you explore with your fingers with a slight in-and-out motion. If you’re pleasuring a partner, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. For example:

“Do you like that?

“Do you want it harder?”

“Do you want more fingers?”

Play with different amounts of pressure and speed until you find what works, then stick with it. 

Note: if a clitoral orgasm has already happened, the G-spot will be even easier to find. That’s because blood rushes to the genitals during orgasm, so if you’re finding the G-spot on yourself, feel free to masturbate to orgasm before you search. If you’re pleasuring a partner, I recommend giving them oral or teasing them with a toy before you stimulate the G-spot. 

How long does it take to have a G-spot orgasm or squirt?

A G-spot orgasm usually requires continuous stimulation, so it might not happen right away. Just keep stroking/pressing in a steady rhythm and keep in mind that great orgasms usually take time. 

A lot of people describe squirting as feeling like they have to pee. If this sensation comes up, don’t worry – that means the stimulation is probably working. If squirting does come on, take everything out (fingers, toy, penis, etc.): it’s much easier to squirt with nothing inside the vagina. 

What sex positions are best for G-spot stimulation? 

I recommend two, both face-to-face.

Missionary. The classic! But have the receiver wrap their legs around the penetrating partner’s waist. That way, it’s a tighter squeeze, and the penis / dildo movement will be faster and deeper.

Cowgirl (also called “Rider”). This puts the person with the G-spot in charge of the movement. But instead of bobbing up and down, try moving back and forth. That motion will give the G-spot more sustained contact. 

Are there other pleasure spots?

Yep.  The inside of the vagina has a number of erogenous zones that can elicit a pleasurable response. Besides the G-spot, there’s also the A-spot (A = anterior fornix) located about 4-5 inches inside the vagina. Some people even swear by cervical orgasms, which require even deeper penetration and stimulation. 

The takeaway

The internal clitoral network offers all kinds of pleasure possibilities. While the G-spot is the most popular “spot,” you can explore all of them inside your body, or with your partner. Think of it as a journey to find what feels good inside!

And if you need even deeper nerve ending stimulation than what a finger, penis, or dildo can provide, I got you. A vibrating G-spot massager is just what the doctor ordered.