How to Have Great Morning Sex

Couple kissing in bed during morning sex.

It’s 6:30am. Are you having sex yet?

Some of you are! But some of you are definitely not. Maybe it’s the morning breath.

Morning sex has a funny rep. Some people love nothing more than pre-coffee cuddles and cowgirl, while others of us can’t muster lust before 12pm at the earliest. There are some surprising advantages of morning sex though, both for your relationship and your overall health. 

So let’s take a look at morning sex: both how to make it better if you do it already, and why you might want to reconsider if it’s not already in rotation. 

What are the benefits + advantages of morning sex? 

For one, your testosterone levels are highest in the morning. (Everyone has testosterone, btw – despite it’s reputation as a “guy” hormone, we’ve all got it.) That means you’ve got more energy to work with, and it’s often easier to get aroused. Higher testosterone is also helpful for erection strength and length: those with a penis will feel harder, and last longer. 

Morning sex also sends you off to work perky and sharp, since orgasm releases dopamine – a brain cognition booster. That’s not the only neurotransmitter it produces, though. Morning sex orgasms give you oxytocin, the “cuddle” hormone that helps you feel loving and bonded; estrogen, which builds collagen in the skin; and endorphins, which relieve pain naturally and boost your mood. 

It’s enough to make you wonder why more of us don’t take advantage of these homebrew chemicals in the AM! Most of us save it all for night…then immediately fall asleep. Why not let your daytime self enjoy these lovely benefits?  

How to prep when you haven’t left the bed

You don’t have to hop up and get “ready” – I promise. Try this. 


Most people’s top concern is morning breath, which I get. You can always brush and floss before a morning romp or.. Easy fix: keep a pack of breath strips by the bed, and in seconds you’ll both taste minty fresh. 


Another concern is vaginal lubrication, which may not be there right when you wake up. You know my dream is a bottle of lube on every nightstand: research shows people are at least 50% more likely to orgasm with the presence of lube than without. But this is a good time to choose your lube wisely.

For vaginal lubrication, faster arousal, and stronger orgasms, I’m obsessed with Morgasm. They’ve got a CBD-infused lube that helps you feel tingly and sexually responsive, since it encourages blood flow where it’s applied. CBD is a vasodilator, helping blood vessels open up, encouraging stronger erections, more sensitivity to the touch, and a way more intense orgasm for women and men.  

If CBD is not your thing, Morgasm has their original formula too; the same great arousal gel, just no CBD. It’s got L-Arginine, which intensifies sensations by increasing nitric oxide in your blood. Both formulas are water-based too, making them completely toy-friendly. (Lucky us, they’re having a MAJOR buy one get one free sale May 28-June 2).


You can also prep by simply touching yourself, before your partner wakes up. Sometimes, arousal is triggered when our eyes are still closed and our imagination is free to roam. Try caressing your neck, your chest or breasts, and inner thighs to help you get into your body. 

2 easy positions for morning sex

Whether you’re in the mood for cuddles or quickies, here are 2 positions to work with:

1. Spooning 

Spooning Morning Sex Position

The most relaxed you could be, while still having sex. If you’ve got a vulva, you’ve got plenty of room to add a toy to the mix…and help you have an awesome orgasm. I’m feeling this pretty, handheld vibe from Iroha, which uses deep rumbles for its vibration and has a ribbed texture for more dynamic pleasure. I find orgasms feel more “internal” with this toy, since those vibrations travel deeper into the body. Paired with penetrative sex, it’s *chef’s kiss* blissful. 

2. Lazy Doggy 

Lazy Doggy Morning Sex Position

Here’s a modified version of doggy style that’s great for morning sex. The receiving partner gets to lie down on their stomach (you can use a sex wedge to get the angle just right), while the giving partner braces themselves on their hands.

Bonus for both: no teeth brushing required! 

Not a fan of morning sex? Try these tweaks

If you’re still warming up to the idea of morning sex, here are some things that may make it more exciting for you.

Think about sex the night before

Best case, you’ll have a sex dream. Worse case, you indulged your erotic imagination. No downsides here! By getting in the mindset the night before, you’re building sexual tension for the morning. 

Don’t finish

You can also think of morning sex as foreplay for later on. Instead of having sex to “finish,” make it a rule that no one orgasms. You’ll have tons of anticipation built up for sex later that night. 

Morning shower sex 

It’s steamy, it’s just the right amount of noisy, and clean-up is a breeze. (Psst- the sex toy I linked above is waterproof.) Enjoy your orgasm in the morning, while getting showered and ready for the day. 

What are your thoughts on morning sex? Do these ideas inspire you to have more of it? Come find me on Instagram @sexwithemily and let’s talk about it.

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