How to Master Speed Bump Position

Illustration of speed bump sex position in a brown circle on tan background

Love a comfy sex position that also feels naughty? Step right up to speed bump sex position: your new favorite move.

All you need is your partner, a pillow, and of course – lube. This is also a great position for toys, so keep reading to learn which ones are best and how to incorporate them.

What is speed bump position?

Basically a riff on doggy style / rear entry. However, the bottom partner has a pillow underneath their hips, both to lift the booty and lessen impact. It should look like this:

Illustration of speed bump sex position

For maximum pleasure, I recommend a sex pillow with a firm body and angled shape to help facilitate orgasm. The Dame Pillo is exactly it, and let me tell you: it’s much firmer than your average pillow or couch cushion, thanks to the dense foam core. (The outside is also a removable/washable 100% cotton cover, so you can throw it in the wash when you’re done – unlike couch cushions.)

Not only does an engineered sex pillow lift hips for more genital access during speed bump, it makes every position feel spicier. We’re used to having sex on flat surfaces, but this prop is the crowning touch for every pillow princess/prince – and those who love to please them. 

Why try speed bump?

The raised angle allows for deeper G-spot penetration, for one. If you like deep thrusts, this is the move for you.

But speed bump is also nice because it requires zero effort from the bottom. You’ve got your hands and muscles free to focus on the sensations, incorporate a toy, or reach back and grab the thigh(s) of your top. 

There’s also an added element of “exposure” for the bottom in speed bump. With the booty lifted, it’s quite a view for the top, and all those body angles just feel sexy for the bottom. 

What are the benefits?

If you and your partner have different heights, speed bump is such a lovely way to eliminate awkwardness. It also evolves nicely into spooning – another facing-away sex position.

This position is also ideal for anal! Just make sure you’re truly ready for anal if you go that route: I recommend ample anal play with just yourself before jumping into it with a partner. 

Finally, if the bottom partner is expecting, speed bump can be a nice way to make room for a growing belly. Just place the pillow more on your hip bones and upper thighs, rather than on the belly itself. 

How can I spice it up?

Toys! Because your hips are lifted, the bottom has lots of room to apply a vibe to their clitoris. 

Go for something simple, small and direct, like a bullet vibrator. If you like powerful, knock-your-socks off vibes, I recommend the Magic Wand Micro. If you want something more gentle (and if traditional vibrators feel overstimulating), the Iroha Zen is a perfect choice. 

This is also such a fun position for dirty talk. Because you’re facing away from each other, it might feel easier to take a few risks, talk like a Dom (or a sub), and lean into some kink vibes.

Tops, you can also have one hand down to brace yourself, and the other hand on your partner’s hip to pull them in even closer. Or, use that hand to squeeze their nipple, and explore their breasts/chest. The beauty of this position is that the bottom is so stable! So you’ve got freedom to get creative with your hands. 

Any drawbacks? 

It’s a lot of work for the top, who’s doing most of the movement here. So just keep that in mind as you “choreograph” the sex – this is among the more rigorous positions in your repertoire, tops. 

It’s also a DEEP penetration position. So as you begin, be mindful of vigorous thrusting right off the bat. Ease into it (with – and I can’t stress this enough – abundant lube) to make sure everyone’s comfortable. 

There you have it: a familiar move, made kinky and new! I’d love to hear your variations on speed bump position, and if this is a go-to move for you. Come find me on Instagram @sexwithemily and let’s talk.

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