How To Meditate, Masturbate, Manifest Like a Pro

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Sure, you could make a vision board for your hopes and dreams. Or, you could masturbate.

“Meditate, masturbate, manifest” is a powerful mantra and practice that will definitely give you more sexual pleasure. But – speaking from experience – it could also change the course of your life. 

What is meditate, masturbate, manifest?

Many people who believe in alchemy, or a magical process of transformation, also believe that orgasms are a powerful tool to help you create your desires. This has led to a “sex magic” movement of people who use their orgasms to help them manifest their dream lives. Meditate, masturbate, manifest is my version of this movement. 

This practice is a beautiful way of expanding your high-vibrating, blissful, post-orgasm moment of self-love and self-care into all areas of your life. The best part is its simplicity.

Start with your state of mind

First ask yourself: what goals do you have for the day, the week, the month? Do you want more sex? More energy? Or something more specific, like a dream job or an amazing partner?

Your intentions are the most important part of the ritual. So to get in the right state of mind, you can also put feel-good ingredients into your body, geared toward your desired outcome. I’m currently loving Fleur Marché*, whose patches deliver bioavailable hemp and a controlled dose of ingredients directly into your bloodstream.

Choose your fighter

If you go the patch route, here’s what I recommend: 

  • Sex Plz: the ingredients in this one help you get in the mood. Think l-arginine, maca, hemp and other botanicals that light up your sex drive and arousal. 
  • Energy Plz: no caffeine, just a solid dose of B12 (and hemp) to give you more juice for your goals. Because it’s easier to manifest when you can actually focus, right? 
  • Sleep Plz: you’ve probably heard about melatonin for sleep, but when combined with hemp I find this one puts me right out…no matter the day I’ve had. Ideal if you meditate, masturbate, manifest at night before bedtime.  
  • Relief Plz: you know when you’ve had a tough workout (orrr night out), and you’re completely wiped? This one’s got peppermint oil and hemp to relieve pain and bring you back to life. Excellent for wiping your mental state clean and starting fresh. 

How to do the ritual

I personally use meditate, masturbate, manifest as a morning ritual to start my day on the right note, while being intentional about my goals. But the most important time of day is the one that works for you. 

Step 1: Meditate

Start with a meditation to clear your thoughts, focus on your breath, and set your intentions. As you become more mindful, you’ll start shifting into a freer state of mind. See if you can meditate for five minutes minimum, working up to a goal of 15 minutes or longer. 

Here’s a simple breathwork meditation I like: box breathing. Imagine drawing four sides of a box, breathing in for three counts, holding for three counts, exhaling for three counts, resting for three counts. Repeat, simply noticing any thoughts that arise, and releasing them as they pass through. 

Step 2: Masturbate

Next, indulge in some mindful masturbation while focusing on your pleasure. Take note of all of the sensations that you’re feeling, your breath going in and out, and if you orgasm, the way your body feels during its release. When done right, mindful masturbation is a meditation in practice. 

Remember: no matter what genitals you’ve got, you’re perfectly free to use a toy, lube – anything that helps get you in your body. But I also encourage you to explore your genitals and your other erogenous zones (inner thighs, chest, neck, etc.) with your hands and fingers, focusing on your own touch, and the way your body responds to different pressure, speed, and stimulation. 

Need a boost? Use a sex toy, but keep it simple. An uncomplicated but powerful bullet vibe, like this one, will wake up your arousal without being distracting.

Step 3: Manifest 

After you orgasm, take a moment to be present in the afterglow. Imagine sending powerful energy toward your goals. 

Sometimes, I spend a few minutes visualizing or journaling about my goals coming true, and imagining how it would feel. The number one rule of manifestation is that if you can imagine and feel something happening, it is already done.

Try incorporating the meditate, masturbate, manifest practice into your days, and soon you’ll be creating a more pleasurable life for yourself while discovering your vast and unlimited potential.

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