How to Take Good Nudes

Unrecognizable curvy woman wearing white underwear, laying in her bed and reflected in a mirror.

Let’s learn a life skill. It’s 2024, and you should know how to take nudes.

No matter your gender, age, or body type. Because nudes aren’t just about the people blessed to see them. They can also be a great way for you to feel yourself. 

There’s No One Right Way To Be Sexy

The first and most important rule of taking nudes: there’s no set, templated way to be hot. 

It’s true. Nudes don’t just communicate your ass-etts, they communicate a vibe. Whether you want that vibe to be mysterious, playful or raunchy is up to you, but to get into that creative mindset, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable.  

Comfort is the precursor to confidence, and with enough confidence anyone can have sex appeal. As a fun variation on foreplay, sending nudes (consensually) to your partners adds a lot to your sexting game, which is confidence-building. You can even Dom with your text messages, sending these photo gems as a “reward” to your partner for being so good. 

So for your nude-taking session, build in time to do something groovy beforehand that gets you relaxed and erotic-feeling, which will come out in your photos. Ideas include…

  • Working out, followed by a steamy shower
  • Dancing to your 🔥 Spotify playlist 
  • Masturbating, but not finishing (nothing like teasing yourself)
  • Taking a bubble bath
  • Slicking your body with oils / lotions / etc.
  • Putting on makeup, doing your hair
  • Doing something physical that you love: yoga, playing drums, doorframe pull-ups…anything. 

The goal here is to get your blood flowing and get in your body – you’re trying to build up that erotic energy. Just completed your taxes = not the vibe. Edging in bed while listening to sex music = the vibe. 

Style Yourself 

Next, decide how nude you want to be. Style yourself to feel your hottest, while still being comfortable. 

Are you going full monty, or keeping some clothes on? Or you could remove pieces little by little. For example, topless can be suggestive and cute. So can pantless. Underwear-on leaves more to the imagination, and in certain sext contexts that’s probably exactly what you want. Point being, it doesn’t matter how naked you get…what matters more is the underwear / lingerie / clothes you’re choosing, and whether you feel good in these things. Push-up bra? Bulge-enhancing boxer briefs? The sky (and your phone’s photo storage capacity) is the limit! 

Next: face and body details. Shave or don’t shave. Style hair or don’t. Some people like snapping nudes when they’re all dressed up for an event, while others prefer a more relaxed look. This is your shoot, and while you’re the model, you’re also the creative director – so think about the “story” you want these photos to tell, and how you can achieve it through personal styling. Vibe ideas include…

  • Glam and polished
  • Rugged and relaxed
  • Natural and unfussy
  • Sultry and mysterious
  • “Bratty” (think submissive) or in-charge (think Dom)

If you’re unsure about this step, you can always jump on social media and look for hot pics of creators with your body type. While you’re there, prune any accounts that don’t make you feel good about yourself. Seeing people with bodies like yours, posing and being sensual, will give you shoot inspo and help remind you that your body is worthy of sexy images. 

Prep Your Space

Ask anyone who’s taken their own nudes: lighting is half the battle. Here’s how to light yourself properly, and set up your space for optimal nude-taking.

  • Natural sunlight is the most flattering. Overhead indoor light is the least flattering. Lamp lighting can also work, depending on your angle. 
  • Time of day matters too. Nighttime photos tend to be grainy, while golden hour bathes everyone in creamy, pretty light.  Aim for late afternoon or early eve when you’ve still got sunlight to work with.
  • Position the light source in front of you so that you’re evenly lit. Is now a good time for your ring light? No, it isn’t. It makes everything too hi-def. Find a nice window instead. 
  • As for the space itself, the simpler the better. Decluttered, minimalist spaces show off your body best.
  • If you’ve got white or solid-colored sheets, those are perfect for bed shots. 
  • How about mirrors? Everyone makes fun of mirror selfies, but they can actually create some delicious shots. Booty pics especially. Position your mirror so that your body is still in the light source. 

As you can see, artistry matters for your nude shoot, so put thought into your setting. Speaking of which, if the mood strikes, your setting can also be more impromptu and creative. Nude while cooking? Nude in your backyard? Set your phone to selfie mode and go nuts. You never know what you’ll end up with. 

Let’s Take Some Nudes!

You’ve styled yourself, you’ve styled your space – it’s go time.

Be patient and kind with yourself as you snap away. You’ll need lots of shots to get the perfect one, and that’s true for everyone. So if you get some duds, no worries! Happens to all of us. 

Next, follow these tips to grab your best shot: 

  • Set your phone up for a flattering angle. If you’re using a tripod, put it on selfie mode and position it slightly higher than eye level, angled down. 
  • Another trick is to shoot a video while you pose away, moving through various positions. When you’re done, play the video and pause on moments you like, taking screenshots. This tends to be much more fruitful than trying to “pose” with a countdown timer. 
  • On that note, remember to move freely but also pause here and there when you find something that feels good. Constant movement = blurry photos.
  • Apps like Huji have more of a film look, for photos that look less “digital.” If you want a warmer analogue vibe, consider some apps. 
  • Think of curves, no matter your gender or body type. Arch your back, push your chest forward, curve an arm up and over your head, flex a bicep – anything! Just make sure you’re not standing there rigid and straight, which doesn’t read well in photos.
  • Give your hands a job. Touch a part of your body, run a hand through your hair or scalp, hug yourself to create cleavage…you get the idea. 
  • Sitting on the edge of the bed makes for nice booty pics. Set your phone against pillows, facing your butt, and arch your chest forward for a more “rounded” booty shot. 
  • You can also aim your camera strategically for kink flavors. Putting the camera underneath you and getting on top suggests dominance, while kneeling with your hands behind you suggests submission.
  • Remember to breathe! Breath is your ally at all times, but definitely in a nude shoot. 

And if you’re wondering how to get a photo that displays the goods without being too revealing, try something simple: kneel on the bed! The full-body aspect is alluring, yet tamer than splaying yourself on the bed naked. (Not that I hate that idea.) 

Go Forth and Get Naked

Let your hotness and amateur photography skills roam free. Nude shoots can be a powerful way to strengthen your most important sexual relationship: the one with yourself. 

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