Maximize Your Orgasm w/ Dolly Josette

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Everyone is talking about breathwork these days. But for PleasureMuse Dolly Josette, breath opens an entire world of erotic sensation — and it’s a world you (yes, you) already possess. So if full-body orgasms sound like fun, you’ll love this conversation, because guess what? Dolly shows us how to visit that pleasure-filled world, all on our own.

Dolly’s been recognized as one of today’s most innovative Sexological Bodyworkers by Cosmopolitan and Hustler Magazines, but more importantly, she helps women and couples navigate their sexual evolution, wake up from numbness, and live more orgasmic lives. In this episode, we cover a ton of ground, including how to hack your nervous system for better sex, how to become a great masturbator, what exactly *is* somatic sex therapy, and why so many people, especially vulva-owners, are trained to numb from the waist down. (Spoiler alert: her clients definitely aren’t numb anymore.)

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