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There are wants, and then, there are needs — sexual needs, to be precise. On today’s Ask Emily show, everyone has that one need that they’re longing to satisfy…they just don’t know how to do it. Good news: the sex expert has arrived, and I’m here to help you take that vital next step.

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If you’ve never had an orgasm before, but desperately want to, I’ve got some ideas for that. Or if you want a hotter sex life, but your partner shuts down around sex convos, I’ve got communication tips. How about when you want to give your partner a crazy orgasm, but don’t know the right techniques? Yep, we talk about great ones. And finally, if your partner desires sexual experiences like swinging, but you aren’t sure, what in the world do you do? Answer: you listen to this episode! Because I promise, for every sex problem, there is a path forward.

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