Say Goodbye to Awkward Sex

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As much as we’d like sex to be seamlessly hot all the time, sometimes…it gets a little awkward. Too much teeth during a blowjob. An erection that won’t last. Someone farts! It happens – and when it does, it can seriously derail the mood.

But does it have to? I’m of the opinion that if we know how to respond during moments like these – with compassion, collaboration, and sometimes a sense of humor – an erotic moment doesn’t have to come to an abrupt halt. So on today’s show, I’m taking the point of view of someone who didn’t “do” the awkward thing, they witnessed it. And by the end, you’ll know how to hold space, how to handle situations like these, and not shame the person on the other side – so you can keep the party going, and continue having fantastic sex. 

Show Notes: