Show Your Vulva Some Love

crop of naked woman in bathtub with hand touching vulva and bubbles covering her legs

The Vulva. Nope, it is not a classic German car for soccer moms. The Vulva is the outer genitalia of a female-bodied person. Generally speaking, the vulva includes the clitoris, the labia, and the opening of the urethra and vagina. What fun!

Instead of properly referring to the vulva, people often skip over it or confuse it with the vagina altogether. As such, the vulva has taken a backseat—until recently. Let’s change that and show the vulva some love. 

How do we see the vulva?

When I ask my two girlfriends in a chat what they thought of when they heard the term, “vulva,” one replied, “oysters and shame” (the other replied “oysters”—there must be a trend here). It is unfortunate, but apparently, people with vulvas are taught that vulvas are bad and shameful and penises are good. But change is on the horizon.

Within the last year or so, there have been several media projects devoted to the vulva (or female anatomy in general). Even Goop had a big vulva as one of their backdrops for a marketing project. The Vulva Gallery is an entire Instagram account dedicated to the vulva. Perhaps the vulva is finally starting to get the love and recognition it deserves. 

After all, the vulva is an amazing thing and learning about it can totally open your world. Here are some reasons why:

  1. The clit. The pleasure you can arouse via your clitoris is one of nature’s best gifts and should definitely be celebrated. The more you learn about your vulva as a whole, the more you learn about your clit.
  2. Sexual confidence. If you understand and own your genitals, you will have more confidence in your sexual choices and experience. What’s sexier than that?
  3. Improved masturbation. Research shows that the more you love your vulva, the more likely you will be able to masturbate without shame and therefore be more sexually empowered.

One of our favorite ways to learn about and love your vulva? With toys. Regardless of where you are on your sexual journey, here are some great options to get you started.

The Womanizer

Why is the Womanizer so popular among vulva-owners? Well, it is all about the patented Pleasure Air Technology. The Womanizer encloses your clitoris without touching it whilst stimulating it via soft pressure waves. Thus, it allows you to avoid feeling overstimulated while still enjoying maximum pleasure. 

The We-Vibe Chorus

Get your partner in the act!  The We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator is an adjustable fit device that offers shared pleasure during sex with deep, powerful vibrations that stimulate the G-spot and clitoris. (In other words, it’s vagina and vulva-friendly.)  The Chorus is intuitive to touch, so when you touch or move against the sensor, the vibration shifts in intensity, creating a natural “rise and fall” that help you explore your pleasure and crescendo to a great orgasm with your partner.

Bonus? It has a squeeze remote and you can also link up the device to an app on your phone. Chorus is the first We-Vibe powered with AnkorLink™ technology, creating the most stable connection between your Chorus and the We-Connect™ app (so the signal doesn’t drop off in the heat of the moment). With the free We-Connect™ app you can play and share control of Chorus from anywhere, create custom vibes. You can even get it to vibrate to music!

The Zumio

Showing love to the vulva isn’t all about the vibration. With Zumio, you can switch up the sensation by using rotation. The SpiroTip™ rotates in tiny circles, stimulating your clit. You can opt for circular rotation or opt for a higher intensity with an elliptical rotation pattern. It’s also whisper-quiet, so no need to worry about privacy.

Zumio is ideal for exploration,  as it pinpoints different parts of the vulva to discover where you have the maximum sensitivity. Not only is it great on the clit, but also your labia and vaginal opening.

The nu Sensuelle Point

Wanna give your vulva some love on the go? The Point is a compact 20 function rechargeable bullet that really packs a large punch in terms of pleasure. Unlike any other bullet you have purchased, this is a Super Bullet. It has 20 functions and is rechargeable! The nu Sensuelle Point is twice dipped in silicone, so you can get that ultra-smooth, silky, sensual touch. Don’t let that sensual soft touch fool you. 

The Magic Wand

There’s a reason why it is called “magic.” The Magic Wand is a powerhouse in the area of vibration. It is one of my personal go-to’s and I always keep it charged. You can opt for the original, the rechargeable or the plus model! The Magic Wand allows you to stimulate almost the entire vulva, which can also be used to help warm you up for penetrative sex. In any case, this definitely a tool we recommend keeping in your arsenal.

Regardless of the toy, the goal is the same: love your vulva. She deserves it.


Emily Anne is a bestselling author, sex coach and educator, who specializes in helping people expand their sexual horizons through BDSM and kink. When she’s not obsessively talking about sex, she’s hiking through the Hollywood Hills. Get some sexy education on her Instagram feed!