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Black self love sex with emilyWhat is Black self love? To put it simply, it is a regard for one’s self love and self being through the Black gaze. With commitments like work and school, nourishing your body and mind can be put to the wayside. 

Black self love and Black self acceptance are more important than ever. In light of recent events, it’s important for Black people to practice self love.

Here are some ways to find Black self love during a revolution.

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sex work blog sex with emilyI interviewed my straight, socially conservative, most would say uptight roommate about his perception of sex work before writing this blog. His answers startled me. When he thinks of sex work he envisions back alleys and dark rooms– bad massages with “happy” endings performed by people against their will. It was bleak.

Whether this is a negative perpetuation by the media or remnants of puritans at Plymouth Rock, this blog is here to dispel these ideas, lift this stigma, and talk about safe, consensual sex work. Continue Reading

threesomes blog sex with emily

Photo by Dainis Graveris on SexualAlpha

Threesomes: everyone’s talking about them, it’s “the cool thing to do,” but how many are actually partaking?

Some jump in deep, and many seem to be open to the idea, only to become hesitant when it comes to stripping down.

It’s that inner battle of being open to a three-way, the itch to try it out, topped with the fear of possible negative repercussions.


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queer holiday blog sex with emilyWhile the holiday season can be stressful for everyone, it has to be, like, ten million times more stressful for queer people.

From dodging intrusive questions from judgmental family members about your haircut or clothing to continually validating that your very romantic and sexual partner is not just your “friend” — it’s not always easy to be holly and jolly when you’re feeling questioned, erased, or straight up unsafe. 

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