Non-Penetrative Orgasms w/ Violet Benson

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Violet Benson started her now-famous Instagram account @DaddyIssues_ while working through issues of her own. On today’s podcast, she opens up about working through deep emotional struggles so she can create the sex life and relationships that truly work for her. No matter your background or life stage, I’m positive this conversation will liberate and inspire you to take the next step in your sex life. Violet, who hosts the popular podcast Almost Adulting, tells me about her decision to temporarily swear off penetrative sex, freezing her eggs, and how she quit playing games while dating. She also takes the Sex IQ quiz inspired by my upcoming book, Smart Sex! Listen to her results, then listen to both of us answer a listener question: when the sex is hot but they’ve got huge, emotional red flags, should you pursue them anyway?

Show Notes: