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Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who can read your mind, anticipate your needs 24/7, and fulfill them perfectly? Yeah…me neither. The truth is, deep relationships require deep communication skills, and the most important skill is this: being able to articulate what you need, sexually and otherwise. The result? Way healthier relationship dynamics.

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So on today’s Ask Emily show, I give you communication tools to put in your back pocket, so you can improve your relationship one talk at a time. How about when you’re tired of hookups and want a relationship with real depth? Or maybe, you want more than one relationship? I talk you through ways to approach both.

What about when your partner is emotionally detached, or you want your child to grow up with more positive sex messaging than you had? We get into it. Finally, we talk through getting the kind of touch you need in bed because let’s face it – sometimes pain is fun, and sometimes it’s just painful. With the right communication, you can find just the right sweet spot.

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