Ask Emily

Your Top 5 Sex Questions, Answered

When it comes to your most pressing sex questions, have you ever wondered: “ugh, is it just me?” I promise: it’s not just you! I’m here to answer your top 5 questions.

Pamela Madsen

Arousal & Erotic Energy w/ Pamela Madsen & Court Vox

Most of us think of arousal and desire as spontaneous, even a little mysterious. But my guests Pamela Madsen & Court Vox myth-bust that assumption entirely.


Totally Unwaxed w/ the Stallone Sisters

What red flags should you really be looking for? Is bad kissing a deal-breaker? In this episode, Dr. Emily talks to the Stallone Sisters about the ABCs of dating.

Health & Wellness

Your Sex Life on Meds

Ever wonder what to do about the sexual side effects of your antidepressants? It can be… Read more »