Arousal & Erotic Energy w/ Pamela Madsen & Court Vox

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Pamela Madsen

Most of us think of arousal and desire as spontaneous, even a little mysterious. But on today’s show, I’m joined by the incredible Pamela Madsen, founder of Back to the Body, and sex & intimacy coach Court Vox, who myth-bust that assumption entirely. When you’re ready to go from erotically numb to erotically alive, they know exactly how to get the sexual energy going again. In this episode, they talk about low libido (and its likely culprit: high boredom), how to create a new relationship with your body, and how the right touch can unleash both deep desire…and deep healing.
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Pamela and Court also talk to us about their retreats (two words: pleasure demos), plus: we answer your questions! We talk to you about how to feel more confident in the bedroom, whether it’s ok to pleasure a partner when you yourself never orgasm, and how to have your best curvy girl sex.

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Book: Shameless: How I Ditched The Diet, Got Naked, Found True Pleasure… and Somehow Got Home In Time To Cook Dinner
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