Hotline Calls: The Do’s and Don’ts of Non-Monogamy

From a threesome gone wrong to a married couple’s group sex success story, I take your calls all about open relationships.


Like Your Body, Love Your Sex Life

My guest Bethany C Meyers shares why sex takes on a new depth when we connect with our movement. I also answer questions all about body image.


Someone Cheated. Now What?

Whether you’ve been cheated on or you’re the cheater, I’ve got advice to help you work through it to create the love life you want.

BDSM & Kinks

Boss in the Streets, Sub in the Sheets

Let’s get sexually adventurous, people. On today’s hotline calls show, you’re bringing the novelty, and I am one hundred percent here for it. 

Ask Emily

Babe, Let’s Talk About Our Sex Life

In this show, I take your calls about having a sex talk. If we can talk about sex like we talk about dinner, everyone wins!

two locks, locked together

7 Myths of Non-Monogamy

So let’s tackle the top seven non-monogamy myths, and truth-bomb them one by one.  

Long term relationship
Anal Play

Sex Tips I Wish I Knew In My 20s

News flash: The best sex of your life probably won’t happen in your 20s. In this podcast, we cover the sex tips we WISH we knew in this infamous decade.


Initiating Sex is a Skill Not a Habit

In this Episode Emily kicks off Sexual Liberation Month. She sets the tone with provocative questions… Read more »