How to Master Pretzel Position

illustration of pretzel sex position on a light brown background in a beige circle

Want a sex position that combines the eye contact of missionary, with the primal vibes of doggy style? 

Cue pretzel: intimidating name, easy execution.

I love pretzel because it feels surprising and fresh, even though it’s fairly straightforward as sex positions go. It’s also super hot, visually-speaking. Great view of each other’s chests, a little suggestive with the power dynamics. Work this one in your repertoire, and see if it becomes a new fave. 

Prep wisely

Since it is so sexy, lasting as long as you want might pose a challenge if you’re a penis owner. No worries: just apply a delay spray before you get down. Promescent makes my forever favorite*, since it dries fast, calms down nerve endings, and won’t transfer to your partner. And vulva-owners, if you need to heat things up a bit on your end, I suggest Promescent Arousal Gel for a blood flow boost (AKA more orgasms) paired with a tingling, buzzing, and warming sensation that is oh so hot. 

Unlike standing positions, you’re definitely going to do this one on a flat surface, like a bed or a wide couch. Save your sheets and cushions! Throw down a sex blanket, like this cute one from playdrop, so you don’t have to clean up any wet spots after (lube, ejaculation, sweat, the list goes on). Just throw it in the laundry when you’re all done, for sex prep that says: “I like to come, but I also like aftercare on dry surfaces.” Respect. 

What is pretzel position?

The receiving partner lays down on their side. The penetrating partner straddles one of their legs, using their knees for support. Meanwhile, they drape their partner’s other leg over their hip, scooting in to penetrate. 

It should basically look like this:

illustration of the pretzel sex position

Why try it?

So, so many reasons. If you and your partner have a height differential, pretzel solves that quickly. This is a position that also allows for deep penetration, putting the receiving partner at a nice angle for G-spot stimulation if they’ve got a vulva. 

There are also lots of erotic perks. The receiving partner has complete hand freedom, to touch their breasts / chest while it’s happening – quite the show. There’s also room for a vibrator, so the receiving partner can use a toy on their clitoris while their partner thrusts. 

Personally, I like pretzel for the different energies it offers. You’re facing one another, which feels intimate: you can make this just as emotional and loving as missionary. But the positioning suggests different power levels, making it easy to go full sub/Dom if you want. In this way, pretzel is anything you want it to be, sweet or spicy. 

How can I spice it up? 

If pretzel is already familiar to you, there are several variations you can try to make it more exciting. Once you get into position, try…

  • Holding hands while you do it
  • Having the penetrating partner pin one of the receiving partner’s wrists down
  • Having the receiving partner grab the thigh of the penetrating partner 
  • Having the receiving partner arch their back
  • Experimenting with a softer surface versus a harder surface
  • Using a pillow versus no pillow under the receiving partner’s head
  • Using nipple clamps on one or both partners, for light pain play
  • Dirty talk
  • Having the penetrating partner wear a vibrating penis ring
  • Having the receiving partner squeeze their inner thighs against the penetrating partner’s leg

The options are endless. 

Any drawbacks?

If the penetrating partner has a knee injury or chronic knee pain, I’d skip this one. Their quads and glutes are also getting a workout here, so if it was leg day at the gym, keep that in mind. Let’s not pull a muscle while we’re having sex. 

But other than that…go to town! If you’re habituated to positions like missionary, doggy style or cowgirl/cowboy, pretzel will feel like a breath of fresh air.

It might also feel like your new favorite. 

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