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Low-Lift Pleasure Hacks: 5 Everyday Items That Elevate Your Sex

My favorite low-lift pleasure hacks you can try right now, without spending a dime.

Person putting purple Je Joue Mimi Soft Vibrator into their white pant's pocket

6 Essential Sex Toy Hacks

Don’t let the box instructions stop you from experimenting. Chances are, your current sex toys (or future sex toys) have surprise talents. 

BDSM & Kinks

New Ways to Play: Pain, Temperature & More

Bored in bed? It might mean you’re ready for novelty. From temperature to pain play, this entire episode is a guide to spicing up your sex.

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How to Heat Up Your Temperature Play

4 intro-level ways to bring temperature play into sex, whether you’re getting down with a partner, or your hot self.