6 Essential Sex Toy Hacks

Person putting purple Je Joue Mimi Soft Vibrator into their white pant's pocket

I love encouraging you to be creative in the bedroom. But did you know you can also be quite creative with sex toys?

Most sex toys have a stated “purpose,” like clitoral stimulation, prostate play, etc. But don’t let the box instructions stop you from experimenting. Chances are, your current sex toys (or future sex toys) have surprise talents. 

Here are six of my favorite ways to repurpose sex toys into brand new pleasure tools. To get the most out of your toyfriends, try these tricks.

1. Love your suction vibe? Use it on your nipples. 

Suction toys like the Sila Cruise from LELO* use sonic waves to stimulate you, rather than vibration. The sensation feels closer to oral sex than more traditional vibes, but since it uses contactless stimulation, the orgasm build-up is longer, with a payoff that’s incredibly intense. Fun fact: unlike other vibes and suckers, the Sila Cruise saves power so when it’s pressed hard against the body, it doesn’t lose power – helping you get across the finish line more effectively. If you want to build climax slowly, this toy is going to be your new best friend. 

  • Try this: while the Sila Cruise feels amazing on your clitoris, you can use it on your nipples to simulate someone sucking on them. Nipples stimulate the same area of the brain that genitals do (the genital sensory cortex), so applying a toy can help you have a nipplegasm (yes…they exist).  

2. Love your dildo? Use it for temperature play.

Dildos and other insertion toys are fantastic for G-spot and P-spot stimulation. I typically recommend them as an additive to your existing masturbation routine, so that you can go for internal orgasms while you stimulate your clitoris or penis. But for a low-lift way to try temperature play, here’s a cool trick.

  • Try this: put your dildo in the fridge for 10 minutes, or immerse it in ice water. Stainless steel toys and glass toys conduct temperature particularly well, and when you insert it, you’ll stimulate your brain’s neuroreceptors. This arouses your nervous system, prompting your body to pump more blood to your genitals, making those internal nerve endings more sensitive and orgasmic. 

3. Love your bullet vibe? Use it for perineum stimulation. 

Bullet vibrators are the little black dress of sex toys: fast arousal, no-fuss technology, small enough to pinpoint the clitoris. For most vulva owners, they’re the first sex toy we own…but you can spread the love to a partner, while you go down on them. 

  • Try this: next time you’re giving oral sex to a penis owner, run your bullet vibe along their perineum: the stretch of skin running from their testicles to their anus. It’s rich with nerve endings, but this also indirectly stimulates their prostate gland. That’s the gland responsible for deep, internal orgasms in penis owners, similar to a G-spot orgasm in vulva owners. For advanced prostate play, insert a (well-lubed) finger into their anus after your bullet vibe action. Super erotic, and if you’re able to reach the prostate gland with your finger, you can help them have a blended penile/prostate orgasm. Cue full-body convulsions of pleasure. 

4. Love your vibrating penis ring? Put it on your finger. 

Penis rings are used to help penis owners maintain an erection. They keep blood trapped inside the penis during sex, so that it stays hard during foreplay and intercourse. More recently though, vibrating penis rings have hit the market, and are primarily used as a couples toy. That’s because the vibrations feel good on the base of the shaft, but during penetration, they also stimulate the clitoris or anal opening of your partner. That’s not where the magic stops, though.

  • Try this: stretch your penis ring over your two fingers, and slide it down your fingers as far as you can. If you’re going down on a vulva owner, insert the top part of your fingers inside their vagina, while the ring vibrates against their vaginal opening. Next-level stimulation! You can also use this same trick while performing anal massage, using the top part of your fingers for penetration, and the ring part to wake up the sensitive nerve endings around their anal opening. 

5. Love your G-spot or P-spot massager? Ride ‘em. 

G-spot toys and P-spot toys generally have a singular purpose. Once you’re sufficiently aroused, you insert them into the vagina for G-spot stimulation, or the anus for prostate stimulation. The idea is to give yourself more internal pleasure, accessing a deeper part of your pelvic floor. The vibes may even lead to an internal orgasm, the kind many describe as a full-body release. But if your hands are working too hard, try this.

  • Try this: place your toy between pillows, generously apply lube, and kneel down on top of your toy for insertion. You may have to ease into position slowly to find the best angle for you and your toy, but once you do, boom: DIY sex machine. If you’re going for prostate pleasure, just make sure that any toy you use has a flared base, so it doesn’t go too far into your anal cavity. 

6. Love your Magic Wand? Try it over clothes.

It’s called the Mack Truck of sex toys for very good reason: Magic Wand vibes are powerful. So powerful, that if you’re used to using it on bare skin, your solo sex sessions might be short and sweet. And that’s great! Sometimes you want to get off in a hurry. But when you’ve got the time and inclination for slower, deeper masturbation, here’s a variation that allows arousal to build more gradually.

  • Try this: keep your clothes on, and vibe the Magic Wand on your genitals. The fabric buffer actually creates a whole new range of sensations, and will bring you to orgasm more gently – with just as intense a payoff. Trust me, the vibrations are definitely still powerful enough to get you there, but I like this method when you don’t want to mess with undressing. 

And there you have it! Your favorite sex toys reveal their hidden talents. Try these tricks next time you’re feeling creative, and want to explore the pleasurable possibilities. 

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