BDSM & Kinks

How Sexually Compatible Are You?

If you feel like your relationship is on cruise control, listen to this episode to build better sex, dating and relationship habits.

Anal Play

Ask Emily: Oral, Orgasms & Anal

We’re talking sexual firsts: first dating app, oral sex experience, anal play, and more. I help you face your fears and expand your pleasure potential.

Trust issues
Ask Emily

The Secret to Better Sex: Trust

Broken trust? In this episode, I’m sharing some of my favorite calls on trust, as well as how to repair it.


Trust vs. Lust

Trust: it’s the glue of relationships, even the more casual ones. I take your questions on trust and safety because those are the precursors to hot sex.

Health & Wellness

How to Fix Your F*cking Mistakes with Gigi Engle

On today’s show, Dr. Emily is joined by sex educator and writer Gigi Engle to talk… Read more »


Orgasm Blockers & Sex Myth Stoppers

On today’s show, Emily is breaking down sex myths to set the record straight – and… Read more »