The Secret to Better Sex: Trust

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Trust issues

In order to feel turned on, we first have to feel safe. And that’s the funny thing about trust: once it’s broken, it has a way of quietly shutting us down, so that our relationships aren’t as deep, our curiosity is blocked, and even our self-sex takes a hit. But there IS hope: trust can be healed. Neuroplasticity is a beautiful thing, and if we compassionately work on ourselves (possibly with a partner), we feel worlds better – more secure, and definitely more sexy.

So on today’s Ask Emily show, I take some of my favorite calls on trust, and how to repair it. What happens if your spouse cheated on you, to the point where sex feels sorta gross now? Or how about if you were the cheater, and your sex life just isn’t the same? (Two words: couples therapy.) How about this one: you’re in a partnership, and things are basically fine – but the spark has completely worn off, and you don’t know how to talk about it? Or, what if you tell a new partner you love them, they don’t reciprocate, and THEN the sex takes a nosedive? In both cases, I’ve got answers. Finally, when you’re “too picky” of a dater, is it really because they’re all duds? Or, are there some underlying trust issues there, that are keeping your sexuality safe, cool, and totally dormant? The bottom line is this: when we feel free, we feel sexy. And on today’s episode, we’re helping you radically reclaim your erotic freedom.

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