The 5 Best Ways to Have Sex Outside

man on woman's body outside

Sex outside is one of the most common fantasies. Why? Well for starters it’s taboo—sex in a public place is a no-no, and even if you manage to avoid the authorities, there’s still a chance someone else will see. For many, the thrill of “breaking the rules” alone is enough to get your sexual wheels turning, especially if you or your partner experience arousal at the thought of getting caught. 

And while we never condone breaking the law, we can certainly empathize with the desire to get it on outdoors. For one thing, the thought of someone watching you have sex can be incredibly erotic. In fact, it’s so common that we have a name for it: exhibitionism is a sexual kink in which a person feels aroused at the idea or the reality of being seen naked or engaged in sexual activities by others. For example, have you ever walked past a window in your birthday suit and thought, “I don’t care who sees!” Or maybe you even felt a little turned on? That’s exhibitionism at play. 

Of course, there are other things that contribute to the eroticism of sex outside. Some people simply love the connection with nature or feeling the wind on their bare skin while experiencing all the feel-good chemicals from sex. In either case, it can be hard to find the right locations for sex outside. (Especially because getting arrested is so not sexy.) 

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best locations for how to have sex outside. Happy exploring—and don’t forget the sunblock.

1. Take a Hike 

Hiking is great because trees and giant boulders often present lots of opportunities to hide. (Though this isn’t necessarily the case if you’re hiking in the desert, so location matters.) The next time you and your partner want to venture out into the wilderness, choose a time and trail where you’re likely not to see as much traffic. If you’re opting for penetrative sex, have the person being penetrated bend over and put their hands on a tree or rock for support. Remember to avoid poison ivy!

Pro Tip: Keep as much clothing on as possible so that you can cover up if you hear footsteps. If you’re worried about getting caught, opt for some hand and mouth stuff, for even an outdoorsy round of oral. 

2. On a Balcony 

A balcony is a sly way to have sex outside because you’re technically still on private property—just make sure you’re doing it at night and don’t live near kids! You can also maintain some privacy if one of you is wearing a dress and going commando. Your partner can simply lift it up and do their thing with their hands, genitals, or even mouth. This is an especially great spot if you’re on vacation and your balcony overlooks the ocean or a forest. You get all of the excitement of being close to nature, while still having your room right next door should you need to make a quick getaway. 

Pro Tip: For penetrative sex, you can place your hands on the railing for doggy-style with a view. You might also keep a small toy on hand—like the Pom from Dame.  It’s versatile and flexible, making it an ideal choice for spur-of-the-moment sex that still packs a pleasurable punch for vulva owners. Pull it out and enjoy the rumbly vibes while you revel in the thrill of sex outside. (Just don’t drop it!)

3. Your Backyard

Similar to balcony sex, getting it on in the backyard is great because you’re still fairly close to home, but have easy access to the outdoors. This is especially great if you’re more private, and have a fence or live in a secluded area. Simply lay out a blanket, set the mood with some stargazing, and then start putting on the moves. You can even make this a full-fledged date night with dinner, wine, and some battery-operated candles. (An open flame in the outdoors is so not sexy.) 

Pro Tip: If you don’t have a backyard, consider planning a weekend getaway at an Airbnb and make a house with a secluded backyard and a fence your top priority.  

4. In a Tent 

Another great option for newbies looking for how to have sex outside? Bringing your inner girl scout. A tent gives you the thrill of having sex outside while minimizing the chances of being caught. Check out the camping options near where you live and get out of town for a sexy weekend of connecting with nature (and one another.) Note that this is especially romantic if you need a safe space to hide out from the rain.

Pro Tip: Camp with an air mattress, sheets, and a blanket rather than a sleeping bag. This makes the sex (and all that post-coital cuddling) 10x more comfortable.

5. The Hood of a Car

Forget sex in the backseat—the hottest new thing is sex on the car. Again, doggy-style is your friend. The receiver can put their hands on the hood and the partner uses their hands, genitals, or a toy to tease and play. If you’re ready to take things onto the actual hood, make sure the car isn’t too hot and saddle up. The key element here is where you park, as you’ll most likely want to opt for something more secluded. Back roads and empty parking lots, or on top of a parking garage at night are all a solid option, so long as you trust you won’t run into any, um, authorities.

Pro Tip: Sex on the hood of a car doesn’t make for the best positioning, so try not to focus too hard on orgasm. Instead, focus more on the novelty of it all and enjoy the “ride.”

The common denominator? Sex outside is supposed to be fun. It may not be as comfortable or as orgasm-inducing as sex in bed, but that’s not really the point. The goal is for you and your partner to enjoy something new, bask in the thrill, and create some amazing erotic memories. 

Amanda Kohr is the Content Manager at Sex With Emily. She also writes for VICE, Refinery29, Betches, and Hello Giggles. You can visit her via her website and Instagram.