The Anatomy of Love Personality Quiz 

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Want to learn even more about your personality signature? Check out our recent podcast episode with Dr. Helen Fisher, where we talk all about sex drive, love, and attachment.

We all know that our personalities dictate how we behave, but did you know that they can also affect who you fall in love with?

Yup, according to renowned biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher, we all have unique “personality signatures” that determine how we behave, including how and who we love. These personality signatures are similar to a person’s love language or the enneagram, but with one key difference: they’re grounded in evolutionary biology. Dr. Fisher uses biology to explain why people fall in love, marry, divorce, mate, and everything in between. Through her research, she has concluded that romantic love is a drive, a motivation to win a preferred mating partner.

In her two groundbreaking books, The Anatomy of Love and Why Him? Why Her?, Dr. Fisher explores new frameworks to understand relationships. Beginning with a scientifically developed questionnaire to determine your prevailing personality type, Dr. Fisher can tell you not only what type of person you might have chemistry with but how to find them, attract them, and keep them. Once you know the personality profile of the partner you’re with―or hope to find―you can use your knowledge of how your types match up to improve your love life.

Dr. Fisher has identified the four styles of thinking and behaving, each of which is associated with one of the four basic brain systems: dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen systems. The four types are:

  • Explorer: those who primarily express traits linked with the dopamine system. 
  • Builder: those who primarily express the traits linked with the serotonin system.
  • Director: those who primarily express the traits linked with the testosterone system.
  • Negotiator: those who primarily express the traits linked with the estrogen system.

Everyone is a combination of these four trait constellations, but an individual often expresses one trait more than the other. To find out your unique personality signature, Fisher has developed a unique quiz that we’re totally obsessed with. 

Why is your personality signature important?

The Anatomy of Love Personality Quiz provides a new way to understand how your personality traits impact all of your relationships, whether you’re searching for one or eager to strengthen the one you have. When you understand your personality signature and your partner’s, you’re able to empathize with their choices and work with them to enjoy a more harmonious relationship. If you’re single, understanding your personality signature can inform who you’re attracted to and who you’re compatible with, which can uplevel your dating experience. 

Knowing yourself and knowing others can lead to better dates, stronger connections,  hotter sex, and deeper love.  If that sounds good to you, click here to take Helen Fisher’s Personality Signature Quiz.