Best of: Sex Drive, Love & Attachment w/ Dr. Helen Fisher

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On today’s Best of episode, I am joined by renowned biological anthropologist and author of Anatomy of Love, Dr. Helen Fisher. We discuss whether love at first sight is possible, how our personality traits shape our attraction to others and the way our biology influences who we love.
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We dive into the parts of your brain responsible for your sex drive, romantic love, and deep attachment. Dr. Fisher also shares findings from studies she has done with Match to answer the question: why do you fall in love with one person rather than another? We also explore the best age to marry, why orgasms create connection, the importance of space in a relationship and why casual sex is not really so casual (hint: catching feelings is real). You can take Dr. Fisher’s personality test to learn about how your personality impacts who you love and how you bond.

Take Dr. Fisher’s Personality Test here.